Tuesday, July 9, 2013

TelexFree just gotten even more bizarre... to the observers

TelexFree claims to be a communciations provider (sells VOIP packages), but also offers "AdCentral", which is a clone of Ad Surf Daily "auto surf" ponzi. They were recently issued an injunction by court in Acre, Brazil to stop paying the recruiters.

And the TelexFree participants went absolutely bananas.

According to PatrickPretty.com, Brazilians are spamming all major Western media  Facebook presenses, including NBC, CBS, CNN, NYTimes, etc. claiming they are being persecuted.

Some even made Youtube Videos, which are rather entertaining, but hilarious when you consider their source:

  • One video used "cattle encircle to protect calf from lions" metaphor to tell judges to leave them alone, stealing the video from NatGeo in South Africa. 

  • Another guy walked into the virtual office (provided by Regus) of TelexFree in Massachussets, US, and pretend that the entire building works for TelexFree. As he's speaking Portuguese, nobody challenged him. 
  • Another video had a member cosplay as Rambo (with an LED lighted "weapons") claiming to defend democracy (i.e. TelexFree) and ask people to 'stand up for their rights'

This sort of denial behavior was well exhibited by various groups undergoing a psychosis after being scammed. 

In Colombia, when DMG Grupo went bust after David Murcia was arrested, people went on hunger strikes chanting "We believe in God and David Murcia"

In the US, believers in the Zeek Rewards Ponzi, 10 months later, still claimed "there were no victims until the government stepped in", something the Brazilians are claiming now as well. 

In India, some Speak Asia victims formed an "association" and actually tried to PAY OFF a victim who brought lawsuits against the scam, thinking it would help them get back their money. 

There's a Chinese idiom... Those in the scheme see nothing; those outside the scheme see clearly. 

And we're seeing plenty. 

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  1. I wrote a blog post on this and I'm getting lots of email. A lot of folks think the government in Brazil shut them down because of jealously and corruption. I tried to explain that governments love money making businesses, and tax them to make money. No one wants to stop a flow of cash, they just want a part of it. Unless, of course, they realize that the whole business is a fraud.

    I built several mathematical models of this. There is no way VOIP profits can be sustaining their cash outflows.


    1. Of course not, but they are not interested in reality, but self-delusion. They are like Cypher in the Matrix... prefer that virtual "juicy steak" and "ignorance is bliss".


      That situation is hardly unique. Grupo DMG in Colombia 2008 had hunger strikes, and Zeek Rewards ponzi in the US closed in Aug 2012 had members posting sign that says; "We forgive you, please restructure and save our dreams!"


      Just keep doing what you're doing. Don't worry about getting through. They are NOT receptive to reason right now.

  2. keep trashing up real opportunities like telexfree. nobody is stopping us, we have products, we get paid, the company is sustainable. of course there will be haters who will try to put a stop to this. since its inconvenient for their "business" if everyone worked from home there won't be anybody cleaning up deashes, no washing cars, no dunkin donuts, no slavery.....that is why companies like telexfree are being portraid as schemes, there is no science, this is logic.

    1. Brazil already stopped you. Keep telling yourself lies, turned a blind eye, bury your head in the ground... whatever makes you feel better. But one day you have to face reality, and what would be left in your pocket then besides your dreams?

  3. There is no such thing like getting a large amount of money easily. This is a fraud! A lot of people are trapped now, and they don't even accept the fact that they are trapped at all.

  4. whatever, we don't care as long as we benefit from it. if we invest in our little money and gets us to our dream roads, we earn the money what the government has promised and failed to do (eradicating poverty and low salaries among its subjects). then its better being ignorant but when i earn.

    1. And take money from other people like you. But I guess being ignorant help you sleep at night. Enjoy your "juicy steak", Cypher.