Friday, July 12, 2013

Profitable Sunrise Pitchwoman Nanci Jo Fraser Charged by Ohio Attorney General as Fraud Front

According to PatrickPretty, com, citing multiple sources, Nanci Jo Fraser, who ran a "Focus Up Ministry", was charged by Ohio Attorney General for defrauding the public for her part in the Profitable Sunrise ponzi scheme. Full asset freeze was ordered.

This came 2 months after the Feds closed down Profitable Sunrise and froze its assets all over the globe (but most of that had disappeared/laundered).

Fraser, along with another pitchman Albert Rosebruck, were appearently head of this group that claimed to be a "Christian Enterprise" that recruited locals into contributing milions into this scheme, never disclosing she profited heavily from the recruitment.

Rosebruck had previously complained that it was the SEC that ruined everything (i.e. closed Profitable Sunrise), and Ohio alleged that Rosebruck was previously Ad Surf Daily ponzi and Zeek Rewards ponzi member. Indeed, "blame the SEC" was a position frequently advanced the more ardent Zeekheads who, to date, still refuse to admit Zeek is a Ponzi scheme.

Makes you wonder why, doesn't it? Perhaps it's because they had a good thing going?

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