Friday, July 12, 2013

HYIP Pitchpeople Beware: Legisi HYIP Pitchman Gagnon got 5 years FEDERAL PRISON SENTENCE

It seems the Feds are really going after the criminals... Not just the ringleaders who start up the HYIP scams, but also their primary pitchmen (and pitchwomen).  Many of these HYIPs were created and ran out of Europe, but the US authorities can get their hands on the LOCAL perps... Such as Gagnon here, who pitched the Legisi HYIP (Ponzi) for all its worth, as well as ran his own scams.

Gagnon claimed to run an "internet income opportunity review website", but in actuality he colluded with McKnight's Legisi ponzi scheme and shared the profits, while giving Legisi a clean bill of health (when he clearly do not have such information to base his ratings on). Gagnon also is believed to have ran a Forex scam and a resort investment scam in addition to being a pitchman for Legisi ponzi.

Gagnon is now ordered to pay back 44.5 million in restitution, AS WELL as spend 5 years in a Federal prison.

So those people who think that the Feds only go after the Ponzi organizers... So you can PITCH the HYIPs in safety... Beware! The Feds may be after you next!

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