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Ten Months Later, Zeekheads Still In Denial

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English: The protest event Occupy Wall Street in Zuccotti Park in New York, on Day 8, September 24.
with protester making a sign "I don't mind being called a conspiracy theorist" (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
A hearing about dissolving the receivership of Zeek Rewards ponzi scheme was moved to July 2013. And the news coverage of that attracted many ZeekHeads posting comments such as

"There was no victim until the SEC got involved."

"Someone paid off the judge and they closed Zeek with minimum evidence".

"Government is the crook that stole our money"

and other comments of a similar nature.

It was last August (16-AUG-2012) that Zeek was closed. Ten months later, Zeekheads are STILL in denial.

It was last September that I posted "7 Myths/Excuses Zeek Apologists Kept Repeating" and it's interesting that the same ones are still being used.

The problem with conspiracy theory is it's essentially a self-referential tale... i.e. circular logic. Anything you can use to "disprove" the conspiracy theory, such as hard evidence, will be seen as cover-up, or faked evidence, and thus somehow CONFIRMS that there is a conspiracy. Add to that cherry picking and confirmation bias (I only accept the evidence I *want* to see), and always choosing the interpret the evidence in favor of their own point of view (Zeek's legal and Evil Gub'min is the boogeyman) means there's no point in reaching those crazies.

And this is nothing new. People in previous Ponzis, such as Andy Bowdoin's Ad Surf Daily, are well know to blame government for everything. And they used the same excuses: it was working fine until evil government shut it down, and so on and so forth. This coincides them with the various "sovreign citizen" movements who believe government is evil and infringes upon their "freedom", usually through creative interpretations of the laws they choose to obey (and leave out everything else).

What's worse, there's a whole group of them who can reinforce each other's beliefs, turning it into a cult.

And these Ponzi repeaters are well know to move from one scheme to the next. As documented before, many of top Zeek earners are ex-ASD members.

Zeek heads choose to live in la-la land. They enjoy spreading bad information, otherwise known as "crap".

Sooner or later they have to face reality.
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