Monday, June 24, 2013

WTF is TelexFree trying to do in Brazil?

Either they got a real cult going or they're making up **** as they go.

First, they started floating unverified claims that they signed a contract with Best Western to build hotels in Brazil (for the upcoming World Cup). (Why? What's the relation? Where's the confirmation?)

In Feb 2013 then they got investigated by department of justice.

Their follower go nuts, claims investigation is over and ended right after it started.

In March 2013 Brazilian ministry of Finance claimed TelexFree is likely a Ponzi scheme and not sustainable.

Their followers appear to be undeterred, started posting hate mail to all the websites citing this news.

In June 2013 Brazilian court shut them down, order them to stop recruiting and paying people.

Then some leader in Brazil claimed that he bought insurance that "guarantees" everybody's income.

Now news just emerged that this alleged insurance is bull****. The company itself just said there is no such thing. 

There's going to be riot in the streets with protesters complaining about give them their money back.

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