Thursday, January 30, 2014

BREAKING NEWS: WCM777 / Kingdom 777 outlawed in Lousiana, "suspends" payment in the US

Previously we have reported that California had outlawed WCM777, quickly followed by Colorado and New Hampshire have either outlawed WCM777, or issued "investor alerts". Actually Massachussetts was first to close down WCM777 in the US.  In South America, Colombia was first to ban WCM777, quickly followed by WCM77 being outlawed in Peru and their WCM777 office raided by police.

In response to all this turmoil, WCM777 simply switched name to "Kingdom 777" and appointed a new "president" by the name of James Tenorio, who seem to have absolutely no experience running anything. His most significant prior employment appears to be that of a voice actor, though he may have worked with some sort of prepaid card service as of 2010, according to his LinkedIn profile.

Today, we found that Louisiana had also issued investor alerts, and in response to these actions, the current head of WCM777 / Kingdom 777, "James Tenorio", has announced that WCM777 / Kingdom 777 will suspend payout in the US.

Of course, Mr. Tenorio talks as if he's doing everybody a favor:
Our Kingdom 777 name and brand is something that I will protect and not allow people to create a negative image of our community. 
It seems your predecessor had indeed left you "holding the bag", Mr. Tenorio. He's the one who created a negative image for you to clean up... If you can.

How much are you getting paid for this s*** job, eh?
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