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Why do victims prolong the lie?

English: Photo of Notre Dame linebacker Manti ...
English: Photo of Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o taken in 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Recently, in the US, the sports star "Manti Te'o" and his fictional girlfriend was very big news. Basically, this guy told the world that his girlfriend died and that the win was dedicated to her. Except this person does NOT exist.

Now, Manti Te'o admits that he knew it was a hoax for... six weeks, and said nothing, until Deadspin blew the lie wide open.

Rather than admit that he had been duped by his best friend and repeated something untrue on national TV (he did not know it was untrue at the time), he chose to continue the fiction, knowing it's a lie.

So he went from victim to participant / liar.

Why would a victim of the lie continue to lie, in order to cover the lie and perpetuate the lie?

For one word: shame

Or in other words, when ego overruled ethics.

And scammers do that ALL THE TIME. As do alleged "victims" of scams, when they have something to gain from continuing the the lie.

One needs to look no further than the Zeek Rewards ponzi to see examples of alleged "victims" turned into willing participants in the lie.

The "net winners" in the Zeekrewards ponzi, i.e. those who got more out of the system than they put in (so the rest will end up losing money) have several choices now... they can cooperate with the receiver, and thus pay back what they gained or they can fight the receiver and NOT give back the ill-gotten gains from a Ponzi scheme.

When there's something to gain, many of these "victims" (actually, net winners) chose to fight, in order to keep money that is not theirs to keep, by floating fiction such as "there were no victims until the Zeek was shut down" and "SEC doesn't have a case" and "Zeek owner was forced and his lawyer just caved."

In other words, instead of admitting that they participated in an illegal enterprise, and pay back the money they should not have gotten, the  chose to perpetuate the lie, that Zeek is a legal business and they "earned" their money.

Because they had something to gain.

Now that Manti Te'o had his lie pierced and the truth came out, he's now bad PR for the university.

What will the Zeek Rewards "net winners" do, when their lies are pierced by court rulings and such?

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