Saturday, July 4, 2015

USFIA update: Who is Leonard S. Johnson and was he really invited to Dubai to speak about alternative currencies such as Gemcoin? (Hint: No)

One of the most interesting (yet ridiculous) HYIPs based out of the US is USFIA, i.e. "American Mining" 美洲矿业, which was apparently kicked out of China in 2014. USFIA claimed to be a part of AFG (Alliance Financial Group USA) and controlled by UCCA, headed by Mr. Steve Chen.

Leonard S. Johnson
as shown on
One of the frequent faces for USFIA is Mr. Leonard S. Johnson, who were mentioned multiple times as a stand-in for the head of USFIA Steven Chen at various seminars in Chinese-heavy cities such as SF Bay Area, Toronto, and so on.

There are various posts touting him being "invited to Dubai in UAE to attend AIM Congress, a gathering of the world's top economists, investors, and money big shots, and to speak there."

Is this real, or merely someone embellishing the facts? Let's find out.

If you search for Leonard S. Johnson Dubai, you will come across this page under

Which appears to be legitimate, until you realize it never said anything about what he will be speaking about. Indeed, there's no listing for him to speak AT ALL under "Speakers and Partners' contribution"    Searching the website for Leonard brought up that exact profile page, and nothing more. He's not listed on any sort of itinerary, speaker schedule, and so on. He's certainly not in the "Conference Programme" which lists every event, or in the brochure either.

If we search for AFG, we find a listing for GEMCOIN even though the profile is for AFG and USFIA. Even the website link goes to

There are two more mentions of AFG besides Leonard's profile and Gemcoin page though.

One: exhibitor's list. They got booth A-3B. which is a small booth. As for how small, here it is on the conference hall map (click for full-size version)

Two: they are "gala dinner sponsor", one of two.

Okay, so how much does it cost to sponsor the gala dinner? Good questions. In the 2014 price list, Gala Dinner Sponsorship costs USD 100000 (one hundred thousand dollars). As there are two sponsors, I assume they split the costs, so, 50000 dollars. It probably cost a little more now though.

So where were the perks of paying that 50K? Turns out the company rep gets to give a short speech during the gala dinner.

So to sum it up all, Leonard S. Johnson was PROBABLY NOT invited to speak at AIMCongress for his expertise. He was there because Steve Chen bought him a seat for $50K (or more) so some sheeple go "goo-goo gaa-gaa" over it.

Even now there are sheeple claimed that Johnson spoke to His Majesty at length about Gemcon. What likely happened is Johnson gave a 90 second speech about Gemcoin to the entire crowd who paid him no attention whatsoever, and the audience included His Majesty.

It's all about context, and scammers don't want you to know about context. They want you to be impressed.

Are you still impressed? How much publicity and credibility did that 50K buy?

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