Friday, October 24, 2014

BREAKING NEWS: Massachusetts filed civil fraud charges against Emgoldex "Team USA"

Massachusetts securities division (MSD) has filed civil fraud charges against "Emgoldex Team USA" and its four members of selling unregistered securities, pyramid scheme, and general public fraud. The lawsuit can be viewed here:

If you promote an alleged scam, you can be targeted by your local regulators, regardless of whether you "own" the scam or not. "Emgoldex Team USA" and the four members are certainly not owners, but if that's what local authorities can get their hands on, then the local authorities will do so.

Thanks to BehindMLM and PatrickPretty for the headsup.


  1. Hi!
    Don't know about any fraudss and scams... I work with Emgoldex for a year and make real money, it is trusted company that works already 5 years around the world. And you know, there are thousands of people who don't have problems making money with Emgoldex too:

  2. Emgoldex is absolutely legal online store, so what's the problem?

    There was also information on the official website about scammers:
    "These distributed fraudulent actions include the promise of fast enrichment, the investment of your own funds and rapid increase of your return. They also consist of receipting of potential customers funds in exchange for promises to create websites, similar to the style and design of the official website of the online store, but with the contradictory information. Moreover, they represent themselves or their legal entities as the employees of the company and online store, and many other unacceptable activities."

  3. Clearly, your understanding does not match the people who actually understand securities laws.

    Whether you're been deceived or not, I leave up to you.

  4. Securities Laws is bounded by principles of Capitalism and benefits the rich...MLM is a legal marketing concept and it is up to the company who runs and executes the scheme...EMGOLDEX has an inverted pyramid method to promote the concept of sharing wealth.

    1. It's also up to the government to close down scams... and fake MLMs that *claim* to be MLM but is in fact a pyramid scheme or Ponzi scheme.