Thursday, August 14, 2014

Breaking News: Brazilian TelexFree promoter shot, one killed; Peruvia TelexFree promoter arrested

Peruvian Arrested at Airport for TelexFree Fraud

Peruvian alleged fraudster who recruit people into the TelexFree ponzi scheme was caught at the airport airline counter by Peruvian authorities, according to and taken into custody.

Detectives of Peruvian Judicial Police arrested Yoel Alexander Sandoval Mamani (age 24), better known as "Uncle Manrique of Cusco" at the airport. When confronted, he initially denied being the person sought for million P$ fraud, and was carrying a hidden bag with six thousand P$ "that were products of the fraud that was Telexfree International". Then he confessed that he intended to go to Brazil "to safeguard his financial integrity" after one of his fraud accomplices was arrested in Cusco.

Ambush in Brazil over TelexFree losses

A man was ambushed in Brazil when walking to work on Wednesday (13th) for his graveyard shift (10PM) and shot through the head. Police stated this was due to the victim having enticed the shooter previously to put 3500 R$ into the TelexFree fraud. The alleged shooter is still at large.

According to witnesses, the victim was walking on Jeronimo Monteiro Avenue when a silver VW Golf pulled up behind him, and two man got out, and one shot the victim twice in the back. The victim was hit once in back of the head and bullet went through the victim's face. The other shot hit the victim in the arm. The suspects then got back into their car and fled. Victim was transported to hospital via ambulance, condition unknown. Police did not note when this investment had occurred, but they will investigate the case in further details.

(WARNING: Link contains aftermath of graphic violence, view discretion is advised)

Suspected Fraud Leader Gunned Down in Redinha

Joao Batista Gomes Silva was gunned down on Monday (11th) in Upper Tower of Redinha, after getting off a taxi to go to market. Police stated that men had been following him for a while, and the ambush may have been over "multilevel marketing"

(WARNING: Link contains aftermath of graphic violence, view discretion is advised)

According to other sources, Joao was believed to be a part of many different suspected Ponzi schemes in Brazil, which included TelexFree, BBOM, Unetenet, Mister Colibri, Publika, and many others. This has not been confirmed.

MLMSkeptic Commentary

When the people believe the courts are not acting fast enough, some may resort to vigilante justice.

If you want the police to do their job, HELP THEM by providing evidence and rally for the prosecutors to act faster.

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