Tuesday, April 15, 2014

BREAKING NEWS: WCM777 receiver caught participant "losing" $200000 cashiers check, and more

As MLM Skeptic have said before, the more we dig, the more strange things we find about WCM777. We found links to immigration investment (i.e. residency visa for fixed prices), links to churches and controversial entities, sound-alike entities to schools, and more.

It appears that the WCM receiver appointed by court to close this ponzi scheme has found even more, with entities like WCM Art, and Immigrant Investment

What's interesting is the "inhouse legal counsel" Vincent Messina apparently got a 5 million loan a month before the SEC freeze hit and he had already spent half of it. Messina apparently refused to return the money and the receiver had to summon help to force the proceeds into an escrow account, but there's 200000 missing. Messina claimed the check was "lost".  Judge has ordered a hearing.

Please read details at PatrickPretty.com, and the update, also on PatrickPretty.com

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