Monday, March 17, 2014

BREAKING NEWS: Italy fined Vemma, Organo Gold, and Asea 500K Euros for pyramid scheme and false claims

Flag of Italy
Flag of Italy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Italy's Financial Regulators (Guardia di Finanze) Special Market Protection Unit, Anti-Trust Group, just issued fines to Vemma Italy (100K Euro fine), Asea Italy (150K Euro fine), and Organo Gold Europe (250K Euro fine) for "unfair business practices" (i.e. pyramid sales) of pushing illegal MLM beverage business.

Asea and Organo Gold got extra fines because they also made unsubstantiated health claims. Asea apparently claimed their product strengthens the immune system, promote healing process, and reduce harmful effects of free radicals. Organo Gold apparently claimed that their ganoderma mushroom made it effective in prophylaxis of nerve diseases, vascular diseases, and cancer, without side effects.
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  1. Mr. Bernie Chua CEO
    Organo Gold Letter

    Outlining the use of palm oil in its coffee products that is tied in with the destruction of the rain forest as well as aluminum silicate which is tied in with causing cancer. Please review the letter here.


    1. I'll allow this comment through, but the "open letter" reads like a bit of OG bashing and Serenigy praising.

      (Serenigy is an OG competitor that makes similar dosed coffee)