Friday, February 7, 2014

Scam Absurdities: When You Say You're Not a Scam, Don't STEAL the Explanation! (Vemma thieves beware!)

It's surprising how many people PRETEND to have ethics, but in reality, shows a complete lack of ethics, and how many of them ended up in MLM. Today, the sterling example of such hypocrisy is... Quinn, who works for Vemma selling Verve (energy drink) even though he calls himself an 'entrepreneur', and claims to work for himself.

In an article on his website, Quinn goes on to "prove" that network marketing / MLM has a reputation tarnished by some people who are not suited for it, failed, and create a 'bad rap' for the system. As I have no desire to give him "linkjuice" I am NOT linking it. However, here's a screenshot of his website.

Quinn's "explanation" why Vemma's not a scam,
but did he write it? 
The problem is the ENTIRE article did not mention Vemma even once. Furthermore, the style of prose is very different from the rest of his website. Yet there is no "by", and thus implying Quinn wrote this.

Highlighting a couple words and search via Google revealed that this is actually PLAGIARIZED from Not a single word had been changed, but title was changed, and author's name was removed.

Can you say... THIEF?

Just to show you a screenshot of the original, next to the copy:

The original from
The plagiarized version, retitled but otherwise unchanged

Yep, word for word copy and paste job.

Not only is Quinn guilty of copyright violation (copying / reposting someone else's article without permission), he's guilty of plagiarism (passing off the article as his own).

Wikimedia explanation, Creative Commons licensed
Isn't it ironic that a Vemmbot had to PLAGIARIZE an article to explain why Vemma's not a scam? I haven't even gotten to critique the article itself yet, or how applicable it is toVemma (i.e. not very).

If this is the typical 'entrepreneur' in Vemma, it is doomed. 

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