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What's common among Pigeon Chess, Scam, and the Matrix? Victims.

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What's common between pigeon chess,
scam, and the Matrix?
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Recently someone reminded me of this Internet meme: Pigeon Chess. It basically goes like this:
Arguing with [Insert Group Name] is like playing chess with a pigeon: no matter how good I am, the pigeon will knock over the pieces, craps all over the board, then fly off and claim victory with its flock
You can find various versions of this with various group names substituted, from retards to Christians to Mac Users, but what this really applies is a bit of a double entendre... as a "pigeon" is also slang for an "easy mark" or a "dupe", i.e. a gullible person, easily scammed.

And nowhere is this more obvious with pseudo-MLM scam victims, who refuse to recognize they had been cheated even when all the signs are right in front of them.

I've discussed "3 blind men and elephant" analogy before, as well as "ignorance is not bliss", but I thought I'd just hit this theme one MORE time to make my point.

Scam victims, i.e. a pigeon, often believe in the scam so much that nothing you tell them will convince them that they had been scammed. Instead, they'll insult you, refuse to listen to you, and claim they had "won" their argument with you by leaving.  They are much like Cypher... preferring the Matrix to reality. or to steal another catchphrase... "You can't handle the truth!" (from the movie "A Few Good Men")

Just like the pigeon who will knock over the pieces, crap all over the board, and fly off to its flock squawking victory.

Let's look at a few examples.

How do the "pigeons" knock over the pieces? They basically ignore the playing field (discussing whether this potentially fraudulent scheme is indeed fraudulent) and accuse you of "not understanding" (All these are actual quotes)
Unfortunately people who do not understand [Insert Company Name] & its very unique and life changing ideas, can sadly misinterpret things.
by the way guy that published the article. you cant be making up stuff lol conspiracies you are an idiot with all due respect
They don't try to debate you on the points you raised. They refuse to accept ANY of your arguments.

How do the "pigeons" crap all over the table? They simply come right out and insult you, with variations of:
You're just negative
You're just a hater who hate our affluence
You don't want us to succeed
You're just jealous
And so on and so forth. They decided that you don't "like" what they say, they are justified in hating you. So they decide to rant about how crappy you are, thus, 'crapping all over the board'.

Finally, they leave in a huff while claiming victory.Most of them don't ever offer any counter-arguments that can be debated.

When you point out their failings, they leave in a huff claiming that they don't want to play with you.

Don't be a pigeon. 

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