Wednesday, May 8, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: ZeekRewards Receiver's Claim Process Approved by Federal Judge

People have been keeping track of various motions, including the preliminary claims process submitted by Zeek Rewards receiver Ken Bell, as they go through the legal system so the victims can register to recover their money lost in the widest spread Ponzi scheme in American history. And now we have reached a critical chapter: Federal Judge Mullens have just signed his approval of Ken Bell's claim process. It is now OFFICIAL.

Soon you will see an announcement on the website that will explain how to file your claim if you indeed lost money. If you GOT money (and I don't mean those fake income proofs or 1099's, but actually took out more money than you put in) then expect a clawback demand, and if you ignore him, actual lawsuit.

So if you have indeed lost money, gather all the proof (money submitted to Zeek, such as check stubs or copies, bank statements, eWallet transaction histories, and so on.) You will need them soon. Maybe in a few weeks, but "soon".
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