Thursday, May 16, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Kansas Also Slapped Down Profitable Sunrise, and names promoters that scammed its citizens

Kansas Securities Commissioner issued a warning to all Kansas citizens that Profitable Sunrise (as named by all the other states thus far) is an international pyramid scheme that worked through US promoters. It specifically named two: operated by David Cozzocrea out of Florida... and NJF Global Group operated Nanci Jo Frazer out of Ohio. All victims in Kansas are urged to contact the Kansas Securities Commissioner's office immediately.

You may recall that Naci Jo Frazer was named in Toledo Ohio's Channel 11 as head of the local "ministry" that lead its members into this pyramid scheme as a path to prosperity and God's abundance. (See below for "religion and betrayal" link)

Apparently David Cozzocrea did something similar, though I wonder why as he seems to have a decent real estate brokerage business going on. Checking KTFAlways revealed some kookie "invest in Dinars" website that starts out with a religious quote? Apparently KTF = keep the faith, same idea.

Warning relayed through ASDupates Blog
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  1. Kasey is there a way to get ahold of you ? I know someone who is starting an MLM business and they live in California near you. She wants to talk to you. Is there a way I can get your number ?


    1. Sorry, I don't do consultations. If she has questions she's welcome to post them (as anonymously as she wishes, as Blogger does allow anonymous comments) And chances are it was already reviewed by and OzSoapbox.