Tuesday, March 26, 2013

HILARIOUS: Randall Williams (JubiMax) sues eAdGear, who promptly counter-sues

Randall Williams, whose name was attached to multiple Ponzi-style "matrix" "cyclers" in the previous years, recently had his name attached to GoFunPlaces, a new venture from eAdGear. Randy Williams was also involved in DreamStyle Vacations, a TVI Express clone. TVI Express was chased out of US as a pyramid scheme, and members convicted of fraud in Australia and many other countries. DreamStyle Vacations collapsed not long after TVI Express.

(More information on Randall "Randy" Williams and his prior ventures, such as "Fast Profits Daily")

eAdGear previously made the news as it sued one of its affiliates for defaming it, as well as taking his downlines to ZeekRewards, which turned out to be a Ponzi scheme.

More information on eAdGear lawsuit against Zeek Rewards )

We have reported many times here how Zeek Rewards is very likely a Ponzi scheme, and was proven right when it was indeed shut down by the SEC in August 2012 as a Ponzi scheme. Thus, it take no imagination suspect that eAdGear, which was pitched as an "inferior" to Zeek Rewards by its ex-pitchman, is very likely something of a similar nature.

So, when eAdGear enlisted the help of Randall Williams to start GoFun Places and GoFun Rewards, you can guess that things don't really change for the better. Why else would you need someone whose name was attached to various "cycler" schemes as the head?

Then early in 2013 Randall Williams suddenly parted company with GoFunPlaces, and started up something called JubiRev, where the described compensation plan sounds suspiciously similar to that of Zeek Rewards.

( More about JubiRev)

It was only recently discovered that Randall Williams had sued eAdGear in February 2012, alleging that eAdGear is a fraud and he was mislead into leading it.

( More information about lawsuit )

eAdGear countersued in March 2013, alleging that Randall Williams started a competitor, pilfered the member list of GoFunPlaces, and other malfeasance.

( More information about lawsuit )

IMHO, it's pretty hilarious, actually, because at best, this is pot calling the kettle black. Both eAdGear and Randall Williams do not exactly come with stellar reputations (except among the "insiders" who keep starting these "cyclers" and call themselves "internet entrepreneurs")

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