Sunday, November 18, 2012

How to build a fake shipping company? Photoshop, of course

Apparently some Nigerians decided to start a shipping company and ask random people to pay money for "customs and fees" to claim a package of unknown origin. The shipping company does not exist, obviously, but its website does, filled with photos of ships, trucks, and planes... manipulated through Photoshop (tm) to add their logo. Here's one example:

People who know airplanes even a little would recognize this as a recent vintage Boeing 737 (though it could be the Airbus equivalent, as I'm not *that* good in spotting the difference). It is obviously a PASSENGER JET. In fact, you can see the windows all along the fuselage.


And why is the logo in the back so OBVIOUSLY Photoshop'ed (tm)? Logos should "curve" like the fuselage!

For comparison, here's a Fedex jet... NO WINDOWS... and curved logo.

Hilarious, isn't it? Even minor skepticism should have revealed this scam. However, it seems hundreds of people have already fallen victim to this scam.

The Photoshop'ed (tm) logo on the truck and ship are even MORE hilarious.

Don't you fall for something as childish as this one.

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