Tuesday, April 15, 2014

BREAKING NEWS: Rwandan TelexFree members in full panic, petition government to talk to US Embassy

According to NewTimes of Rwanda, TelexFree members there are in a panic when they learned that TelexFree (US) have declared bankruptcy. They are petitioning the government to talk to to the US Embassy Commercial liaison about recovering their money.

The problem here is TelexFree has no Rwanda presence, according to TelexFree itself. It claimed that "it [Rwanda declaring TelexFree to be a fraud] has nothing to do with us [TelexFree]"

This is a common tactic by fraudulent companies: "encourage" local member to register a company in the name of the "parent" company. If it's good, claim it's a new branch. If it's NOT good, it'd be like Mission Impossible... We will disavow any and all of your action.

Which is exactly what happened.

Now Rwandans who put in money are royally f***ed.
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