Wednesday, April 16, 2014

BREAKING NEWS: Sann Rodrigues, TelexFree "Top Promoter", says blame TelexFree lawyer Gerald Nehra

iG, news in Brazil, managed to track down Sann Rodrigues, TelexFree's "top promoter" in 2013, for an interview, since the Massachussetts complaint (that alleged TelexFree is a global 1 BILLION dollar fraud) mentioned his name.

In the interview, Sann Rodrigues basically claimed "I am a victim", then basically rolled Gerald Nehra, TelexFree's US lawyer, under the bus, by essentially blaming him for everything.

Once should recall that Sann Rodrigues is believed to have met Gerald Nehra before... when his FoneClub Universo was closed by the SEC.
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