Monday, March 31, 2014

Bad Propaganda: How TelexFree just made a liar out of itself... and all if its affiliates

Around March 18, 2014, Rwanda declared TelexFree to be a money laundering fraud cartel.

TelexFree's response: "That's not me!"  Quoting from their own press release:
TelexFREE says, "As far as we can tell, this has nothing to do with us other than the fact that somebody is making illegal use of our name.  We have in the neighborhood of half a million customers worldwide, and 121 of them are in Rwanda.  But we have no connection with P.L.I. Telexfree Rwanda Ltd., the company shutdown in Rwanda.  That company allegedly has been in business for 14 years, whereas we just celebrated our second year in business. We've checked our records and find no evidence of the names of the persons associated with that company registered as either our customers or agents. Rwanda wasn't on our radar until this report hit the Internet."
Well, what does Google say? If you search for "telexfree 14 year", you'll get... 444000 results. Some are just news, let's filter those out. What you are left with... Are the people selling TelexFree... and they ALL say "TelexFree company is a 14 year old American company"... with a few variations, but same thing.

If TelexFree promoters around the world... say TelexFree is 14 year old, and the company itself says it's only 2-year old...

Clearly one side must be wrong. Given that TelexFree's locations are lies, and they are already delcared illegal in Brazil and under investigation elsewhere, clearly the press release is a total fabrication.

And the willingness of TelexFree to roll all of their affiliates under the bus (you are all liars!) is rather... appalling, even to a bystander.

And that's why you should NEVER believe anything published through PRNewswire.
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