Tuesday, April 1, 2014

BREAKING NEWS: TelexFree Sheeple Turned Lion, "occupied" TelexFree until police showed up

According to various Youtube videos, all published today, a bunch of Telexfree sheeple apparently grew spines and decided to occupy Telexfree office, much like they did a few weeks ago, when Steve Labriola basically told them to leave, and back then they did. This time they won't take no for an answer, and Labriola apparently was not able to control the crowd. Police was called and there was no violence, but basically all TelexFree folks hid in the backoffice and left police, outside, who told people to get organized, and hire a lawyer, and complain to attorney general and state senators and reps and congresspeople.

Thanks for BehindMLM for the coverage, where you can also see the videos.

This is how sheeple no longer be sheeple, folks... by asking real questions and demand real answers, instead of PR fluff.
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