Tuesday, November 26, 2013

MLM Mythbusting: No, Network Marketing is NOT Among the Best Paid Careers

SUCCESS (magazine)
Did Success magazine ever said that network marketing is among the best paid careers of the world?
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Recently I ran into someone claiming that "network marketing is the best paid profession in the world". Yes, that's the exact quote.

I find that quote... idiotic, as it lit off all my skeptic sense alarms. :)

First, that makes no sense, as UN doesn't keep stats on best paid professions, yet UN is like the only agency that could have tallied "in the world" stats.

Second, no such quote can be found on Google. What Google said, is that some websites claimed that Success Magazine wrote once that "Network marketing is among the the best paid professions in the world."

Well, that's busted already, but how true is that "revised" quote? Is network marketing among the best paid professions in the world? Did Success Magazine ever published this quote?

I CANNOT find such a quote on the Success magazine website. I tried using search for "network marketing best paid" and got a bunch of articles, NONE of which contained the sentence that is even CLOSE to "network marketing is among the best paid professions in the world."  I tried searching just for "best paid" (in quotes) and got NOTHING. It is likely that the quote did NOT come from Success magazine.

(To the doubters... find me the article. Magazine scan will do, or PDF reprint, or such official statements, and I'll clearly issue an update.)

But where did the quote come from?

I kept searching on Google, and found another website where they claimed that Bureau of Labor Statistics published something that shows network marketer is like #3 on the list of all professions. Here's a screenshot:

Except there is no such statistics published. Here's a link to BLS website so you can see for yourself:

In fact, not any sort of marketing (except marketing manager) is among the top 20.

Apparently someone decided to random replace two of the medical careers with affiliate marketing, and network marketing to make a FAKE ARTICLE to prove their point.

Some sheeple never thought to question the crap sandwich they've been fed, and started regurgitating the same crap.

And now you got crap over everything. Even a well-known magazine got involved.

And you wonder why people avoid MLM like the plague... it's because of this sort of sheeple behavior (and the willingness of some uplines to bent the truth to get a few more recruits)

Stay tuned as we'll check in the near future... Is the statement "MLM has produced more millionaires than any other industry" fact or myth?
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  1. Another sad post from someone who didn't put the effort in, hoping that they'd 'get rich quick' through Multi Level Marketing.
    MLM is a 'job', and you're not going to earn big by 'half assing' it. I used to work 38 hours a week as a fitter machinist. I was earning a pretty nice wage, after 3 years of physical labour I joined a new MLM (my first) and have worked REALLY damn hard over the last 2 years. But I've finally been able to jump ship and do this full time. I love it, and its only getting better from here.
    I'm not advertising my business here in any way, I'm just trying to say that it is possible and over the next year I will see 100K a year of "reliable' income.
    And I only leave the house when I want to :) Oh, and I'm 24 living in Australia.
    Have fun and dream big guys!

    1. Another sad "surf-by" comment by someone who points accusatory fingers without proof. Did ANYTHING in this article said anything about "get rich quick MLM"? Nope. Your irrlevant rebuttal rant only shows your scatter-brain frame of reference. Enjoy your career and do that instead of ranting.