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MLM Mythbusting: No, MLM Did NOT Create the most millionaires of any modern industry

Recently, I can across yet ANOTHER MLM wild claim  from a MLM supporter

He claimed that "MLM has produced more millionaires than any other industry".

I asked him does he have any proof, and he never got back to me.

Time to call in the MLM Mythbusters!  Is the claim "MLM has produced more millionaires than any other industry" true or false?

The story is quite fascinating, as it demonstrates some of the worst aspects of MLM... blind repetition of claims with no verification.

First, there is NO PROOF of this claim in ANY popular fact-checking sources, or any reputable news source.

The sole source that can be verified was that it was ALLEGEDLY stated by "Les Brown", pretty famous motivational speaker. It was cited by multiple MLM fan sources, but nobody can give a specific date, time, or speech that he allegedly said that, nor was his source of that claim given.

UPDATE: MLM Consultant Len Clements (whose website is identified the source of the myth as Beverly Nadler, a popular MLM author in the 1980's and 1990's, who since has backed away from her own claims. MLM Skeptic have previously identified Nadler as the source of "Harvard Teaches MLM" myth. Please see comments at the end.

A secondary source is Paul Zane Pilzer, an economist who likes to play entrepreneur and encourage the wellness industry, which jibes with a lot of MLM pushing "nutritional supplements". Pilzer claimed that the wellness industry, and network marketing will be the two largest growth markets in the US in the coming decades. However, he didn't say it already produced millionaires.

THERE IS NO PROOF that MLM / Network Marketing has produced the most millionaires in modern times (say, since MLM got started with Amway in late 1970's) other than ONE man's word, with no evidence and no source.

But it's repeated by all the MLM fan sites, with NO fact-checking.

So which industry did produce the millionaires, if not network marketing?

According to a study conducted by Fidelity Investments (I know, bias!)  in 2012...
Of those who are self-made millionaires, the study revealed their top sources of assets included investments/capital appreciation, compensation and employee stock options/profit-sharing. Those who were born wealthy were more likely to cite inheritance, entrepreneurship and real estate investment appreciation as an asset source. -- Business News Daily 
No mention of network marketing there. When you think about it, this makes sense. Most people who got rich are from stock splits when a tech giant goes IPO.

Can we extrapolate from billionaires? According to Forbes, here's a breakdown of the billionaires in the US:

No network marketing here either! Unless you insist Forbes classified the companies wrong.

According to a UK study, engineering degree is what produces the most millionaires, followed closely by MBA and finance degrees

The consensus among the three is "tech". THAT industry is what will produce the most millionaires (and billionaires) in the past few decades AND the coming decades.

Where does that leave you? A load of bull****.

Now for the fun part... WHERE did this lie come from? Turns out this is merely a mutated version of an old Amway lie.

On Amquix website, they explained that this was originally stated as "Amway Produces More Millionaires than any other types of business".

Best guesstimates is Amway may have produced a few thousand millionaires (it's probably closer to 1000)

Given that there are THREE AND A HALF MILLION millionaires in the US, according to the authors of "Millionaire Next Door"...

 Amway's nowhere near the top. it'd be near the bottom of the list.  And even if you expand that to the entire MLM industry it STILL can't be true, unless you play games and try to count separate types of medical career as separate while counting network marketing as one glob.


P.S. Allegedly the DSA ex-president Neil Offen once said "...But don't believe anyone telling you that most new millionaires are coming out of network marketing. That's an absurdity"  This quote cannot be verified.

P.P.S. Richard Bliss Brooke, one of the MLM pioneers yet far more realistic than most rah-rah cheerleaders, posted this on this website:

For those who don't get it, here's definition of malarkey from Google:

noun: malarkey
  1. 1.
    meaningless talk; nonsense.
    "don't give me that malarkey"

In other words, Richard Bliss Brooke, like Len Clements, real veterans in the field, know this is bull****. And they want the rookies and the unscrupulous operators to stop spreading that bull**** around. It makes the industry look bad.

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  1. Kasey,

    This myth was popularized by Beverly Nadler, a popular MLM author back in the 1980s and early 90s. She made this claim in a very well publicized 1984 article where she claimed more millionaires have been made "in the last decade" than any other business. Although she has since debunked her own claim, which she says she cited only because she had heard it before, she was absolutely the one who popularized this claim.

    It's also a claim, along with the Harvard and WSJ claims, that have long since been debunked by those within the MLM industry. Yes, rookie MLMers do still make this rookie mistake by citing these myths, but they usually get quickly educated as to their blunder – by their fellow network marketers, not network marketing critics.

    1. Thanks for the historical reference. I'll add your note to the post.

      This is the SAME Beverly Nadler who also popularized the "Harvard Business School teaches MLM" myth. *sigh* Wonder if I'll see her name AGAIN attached to some other myth?

  2. Hey bud. I know you speak Spanish, so I want to show you something.

    Mind to take a look at it? I kind of use the writing style of YPR Pariah (I requested his permission) and it's still a WIP. But I do want to make it better so people can know the scam Xango is.

    What do you think?

    1. Looks good from here. That article on self-consumption is quite clear. I will also refer to you a different post of mine:

      Feel free to adapt any sections for linking, or translate a post for your blog (as long as you link to the original)

    2. Great! Thanks for the input!

      What do you think of this article? I do believe that the same situation happens in a pyramid scheme, but I'd like your input on that.

    3. Personally there's an even simpler explanation: it's completely irrelevant.

      How does the possibility for you to earn more than your upline prove it's NOT a scam? It doesn't. it's completely irrelevant.

      The problem with technical explanations, such as yours, (not that it's wrong), is people can then try to debate your explanation, when you should be discussing THEIR reasoning. You're suddenly on the defensive, when you're supposed to be counter-attacking.

      THEY claimed it proves somehow it's not a scam. HOW? Ask them to explain and prove it, or shut the f*** up.

  3. I fail to understand how they can keep spewing this bullshit. Especially people like Pilzer. Would be good to dig deeper into those folk and find out how much they're paid to promot MLM. And WHO pays him.

    1. I personally don't have a problem with an economist who likes the "wellness" industry or network marketing. The problem is there is too much woo in the "wellness" industry, thus, betting on a specific company in the wellness industry is a crap shoot without full research. Same with network marketing.

  4. I don't think you are understanding the statement "network marketing creates the most millionaires" in depth enough. Especially when it comes to Pilzer's writings. I'll attempt to clarify and put context around it for you. What industry has taken "ordinary people" and given them the vehicle to be millionaires? Ordinary people would be those that have no college education, no internships, no trust funds, no family business to take over, not a CEO or in management for a corporation, not an actor or athlete. Network marketing is a vehicle where ANYONE despite education level, background or athletic abilities have became millionaires. You proved this point with the list of top 10 industries producing billionaires, all of those industries requires someone with higher education or experiene that the "ordinary" person would not have. Here is how the question should be asked and answered. What industry has created millionaires from teachers,garbage men, postal workers, stay at home parents, unemployed individuals, retail workers, beer salesmen, people with only a high school diploma, people without a high school diploma? The answer would be Network Marketing, ANYONE can become a millionaire with vision and commitment.

    1. While your "point" is accurate in itself, it is irrelevant, as I am not trying to confirm "Did Network Marketing Produce the most millionaires with the least education".

      Also keep in mind that network marketing, including direct sales, has an ANNUAL median income of less than $3000 US. That's a figure direct from the DSA.

      So there's really no point at pointing out the anomalies, lest you enjoy the 'spotlight bias'.

    2. Furthermore, you seem to be trying to move the goalpost / no true Scotsman on me, by adding the caveat ("but without education!") on my original premise.

    3. The annual income of MLM can be based on many things for instance a person usually works this profession on a part time bases. Because they are not obligated to punch a clock, lots of people often put in 1-3 hours a day on an average.

    4. Correct, but it's also interesting that most MLMs do NOT collect this statistic.

      MLM "coaches" generally go around claiming that it takes 20 hours per week (and 10-20 presentations a month) and you may be profitable in 6-12 MONTHS, and 6-18 months to make $1000 profit a month. (Example: )

      That is a tacit admission that people who do it part-time are losing money.

  5. Network Marketing produced real millionaires..
    This is a real deal,open up your mind.Gates and Buffet also believes in this industry..

    1. No they don't. Warren Buffet has ONE tiny company under his control that's MLM called Pampered Chef that sells overpriced cookware but in reality is actually selling cooking lessons. Bill Gates has NONE. Please cite sources and/or evidence or you're just talking nonsense.

  6. Everything is how big your network is? Kasey keep focused on what you think? I have both amassed wealth in Real Estate and Global Direct Selling....The wealth comes from a high percentage of residual wealth(passive income)...I like Network marketing because I just dont make money I make others money...and thats where wealth is:) Where can you have a financial investment under $500.00 and turn into a million+?

    1. Except that's not the topic of this blog post, and thus, you're off topic.

  7. Is Network Marketing an Industry or a Business System Kasey, I think if you were to look again at the DSA Website and check out the Industries Direct Sales or Network Marketing participate in you would find a range of Industries. So I'm just querying is it an Industry within a multitude of Industries or is it more of a business system perhaps even an Income system... I'm sure you'll destroy this question too as being off topic but within the Food Industry not every Company participating is a Franchise is it? Perhaps if you looked more closely at the 100 Billionaires in Investments you too would find that not all invested in the same types of Investments, I'm sure you are well aware that there are Network Marketing Companies that are part of the Technology Industry also. Sorry if this tilts your own apparent biased views on Network Marketing.

    1. Thanks for proving that network marketing is not even an industry, thus the lie I was trying to dispel is indeed a lie.

      Whether NM is an "industry" or not is not the point.

    2. All Anonymous is trying to say is that if you took a closer look at your list of industries creating the most wealth you are likely to discover many MLM companies within those industries. Network marketing is a business model that can be applied, in theory, to any industry. Advocates/non-advocates. You all seem to have an opinion that is extremely one sided. So you deserve each other. Are you bound to get rich if you are part of an MLM? The answer is no, however, you cannot hold it against those that try. Some people are very successful at it, others are not. This applies to any industry. Kasey, Next time you publish your findings you should use cited references rather than tossing out names and statistics. You have as little proof as the companies/people you are speaking against. The way you respond to other people’s opinion is neither professional nor intelligent. So your credibility is fading and your words are becoming worthless. You have become everything you speak against, blind.

    3. You drifted way off topic. I am trying to check whether a myth is true or not, and the overwhelming evidence is that the myth is busted.

      I have no opinion against those who try (and who know they are really in for)... unless start to deceive themselves or others. Then they are scum fraudsters... as they should be.

      "Some people are very successful at it"... But how did they achieve their success? By cheating others into joining and convincing others to buying their way in, or by actually SELLING stuff as MLM is supposed to do? How do you even know the difference?

      It seems you don't really have any objections against the information I present, so you're nitpicking on the form and tone. "you should have cited references rather than tossing out names and statistics"? This is not wikipedia or professional journal. This is a blog. I LINK to my sources. Did you actually click on the links?

      "The way you respond to other people's opinion is neither professional nor intelligent"... And based on what is your opinion based on? Was I supposed to let various supporters of MLM, who can't stay on topic, ramble on about something I was NOT discussing? Such as I am doing right now with you?

      So far, all I heard from you is a lot of ad hominem, "blind", "worthless", etc. The ONLY proper criticism you cared to list is "you should have cited stuff instead of linked it" but that's your OPINION.

      Find something specific to rail against, will ya?

  8. Hey Kasey, You keep wasting your time blogging about how MLM isn't creating Millionaires and all keep climbing to the top of the MLM industry!!

    1. You keep wasting my time expressing your worthless opinion not backed up by any facts.

  9. How in the hell do bullshit articles get "pushed up near the top in a google search"..? And, much credence should people give to some "broke-ass whiner" that uses a "free blogspot" sub-domain to spew their stupidity?

    EVERYTHING IS MLM, you Moron. All of "your" insurance & investment companies are multi-level. All of "your" corporations are multi-level...starting with CEO, Prez, VP, National Managers, Regional Managers, District Managers, Local Store Managers, Assistant Managers...and finally Peon or Piss-Ant (where you likely rank).

    And, "your" Gubment is multi-level starting at "your Commander-in-Chief" and all of his Executive Heads and "Czars/cae-zars", then through "your" Congress...and finally down to the "piss-ants" like you that "have no say-so" in anything that occurs.

    You are so blatantly disingenuous. There are no "reports" on either side...because only the IRS would have that info on Americans and they ain't telling you. Other nations would have similar records...and they likewise...ain't telling you.

    However the DSA in the US reports that worldwide "MLM direct sales" total 166 billion. That's more than movie and music sales it's more than respectable. And, the DSA also reports that 82% of all "american women" that earn "6 figures" do so in Direct Sales--MLM". (remember...everything is MULTI-LEVEL...including the hierarchy in your household).

    Like I are so disingenuous....(likely writing from your alcove in some insane asylum, because you have nothing better to do...uh, yeah....meaning; I don't know who the hell you are).

    But to quote a biased source like (IN) Fidelity Investments....uh, what do you think they'd say, idiot? Then you admit it's biased....geez...!!!!

    1. MLM refers to the compensation plan unique to the MLM industry, you moron, that you are compensated by sales of your team (i.e. not you, but one or more levels down).

      The rest of your rant is based on your false premise and thus is equally worthless.

      And you just have to trot out the "everything is MLM" misunderstanding... Thanks for making my job easy... and proving any idiot can try to defend MLM poorly. No wonder 90+% of MLMers lose money.

  10. Then,'re using that stupid chart to "look at billionaires", assuming that it tells you about "millionaires" without one shred of evidence that this is true....and without including the millions and millions of failures and horror stories in EVERY SINGLE ONE of those categories...?

    You're and idiot and let me show you why...just so that people can learn how to do "proper due diligence" and not listen to every idiot on the internet that can push buttons on a keyboard.

    You wrote ..."Can we extrapolate from billionaires? According to Forbes, here's a breakdown of the billionaires in the US:
    1. investments, (that would be Warren Buffet and a very select few. The general consensus is that MOST PEOPLE -- some say 95 to 98% -- lose money. Google it....idiot. I did. There is even information that 80% of "professional investment firms" ... lose money. And, if you "falsely" think that your "pension" is don't own that either and companies that go into bankruptcy, must use "your alleged retirement" to pay their creditors. In is considered an "investment" to many. One of the largest firms; PRIMAMERICA, formerly AL WILLIAMS; became successful via...UH, YOU GUESSED IT.....MLM. Like I're blatantly disingenuous.)

    2. technology, (seriously.....1. How many people that you know "actually develop technology"? Most that develop the tech work for companies that "own the patents on the tech"...because as "an employee"...your work belongs to them. So, now we're talking about Bill Gates. Wow....that's a "huge crowd" there. 2. Do you know how many "inventors of tech" never get funded and lose their homes, marriages, and financial lives...because "their dreams" never "take flight"? 3. Do you know how many Silicon Valley tech companies have "lost their asses" in the past 30 years? 4. Some "tech" that gets developed...comes out to the masses via MLM. Duh-huh, Goober.

    3. media, ( there's a "huge percentage" of the populus. Really, Opera and a couple of movie stars...? Do you know how many "waiters and waitresses" pursue this in LA and NEVER get hired? Oh...and then there's Media Mogul: Lord Conrad Black....hmmm. Pissed off your Gubment and WENT TO JAIL.)

    4. energy, (wow...the vast number of people on the streets that are "in energy". I suppose they are all like Jed Clampett on the old BEVERLY HILLBILLIES comedy...and struck " Black Gold and Texas Tea " out behind the apartment building they live in. By the way...Ambit Energy is MLM and pretty much took over the Texas Electrical Billing market. Then there Ignite, Momentus, and others. I met a guy that was making 100+K per month in Momentus. We were working on a "regular deal" in Dominican Republic.)

    5. food and beverage, (Yep....those waiters, waitresses and fry cook down at McDonald's and Denny's are "making millions". Of course, you don't have the 2 million it takes to buy and build a McDonalds' do you, moron? And, how many MLM companies and direct sales are doing "beverages". They're everywhere. It's called the "free market". Duh...!)

    1. None of these are on topic. The point is "they are not MLM", which you went so far off tangent you're in orbit around the moon.

    2. I think in orbit around VY Canis Majoris

  11. 6. service (what fricking service, you idiot? What in the hell does "service" mean? I bought a hooker last night and got "serviced". Are you talking about her "millionaire pimp". This "category" is beyond doubt the MOST STUPID item on your dumbass list.)

    7. fashion and retail (retail? includes MLM...moron. Hell...."retail includes EVERYTHING". You're an idiot-savant, man. This crap of yours was "so well thought out".)

    8. real estate (where there is an 85% turnover of agents every 3 years..."according to the RE industry"...and where people in FL, MI, and a whole host of States just lost their ass(ets) since 2008; and especially where their "ass-sits" due to the EXPLOSION IN FORECLOSURES. Wow....millionaires just booming outta Real Estate. Hey moron, the "alleged Billionaires" are no indications of "millionaires" and all the "losers"...that have lost "billions".)

    9. manufacturing (Wow....all these "Millionaires" in the United States and globally that are "manufacturing something. BTW....MANUFACTURING also includes MLM and is done by many "MLM" companies. Of course, those "mlm's" that don't manufacture their own products, but "hire it out" to some other "manufacturer"...are contributing to the success and "millions" of those that "manufacture for the MLM industry". Let's see...Amway did 11 billion last year. I wonder what "manufacturing mogul" made "millions" from the "soap" and other products that Amway has manufactured. Oh, I forgot, since Amway is a multi-billion dollar company; they own their manufacturing. either case....duh-huh, Goober.)

    10. and sports (where most "boys" and "girls" dreams of playing professionally are crushed...because 99.99% lack the skill. And, how many of those that "make it"...end up "losing all their money" because of their own agent's mis-management...and bad "investments".?? You truly are either a Moron...or just some lunatic "pied-piper" who likely was "too lazy" to work and "lost money" in MLM and now "blames others for your own failures".)

    Now....let's get to the some more of your nonsensical "conclusions". Oh yea....INFIDELITY....

    1. Ditto with the last one: you just have a general rant against billionaires and how **they** made their money, where I was trying to point out "none of those are MLM".

      You're not barking up the right tree. You're barking in the wrong continent.

  12. "Of those who are self-made millionaires, the study revealed their top sources of assets included investments/capital appreciation, compensation and employee stock options/profit-sharing. Those who were born wealthy were more likely to cite inheritance, entrepreneurship and real estate investment appreciation as an asset source. -- Business News Daily"

    Self-made millionaires....this says that "their top sources of assets included"....
    1. Investments (uh...this does not say how they became a "self made millionaire")
    2. Capital Appreciation (well...the QE and government printing presses running full time...I guess a "million in appreciation" ain't what it used to be, is it? But, this does not say that they "became millionaires via "capital appreciation". It only says that "this is one of their assets"
    3. Compensation and employee stock option and profit sharing. (Did you know that some MLM's offer "profit sharing" and/or "stock" and/or "stock options" to their distributors? Duh-huh, idiot. But, what in the hell is "compensation"? Is it a "salary", or "direct sales bonuses for selling ice to Eskimos"? Or is it commission for "direct sales" for a corporation that distributes "wood supplies to builders" for which some sales manager got a commission and some CEO got an extra bonus (you know; multi-level "compensation" inside that "regular job"...)...? This says Nothing and no one can take seriously some biased bullshit piece from "Infidelity Investments" that doesn't define what "compensation" is. Do you really think that corporate pensions and "options" are making anyone wealthy other than CEO's and Presidents of large corps? If so, you're delusional. 98% of US Citizens retire broke and "in debt". But, this is still an assessment of "where their resources are now...NOT HOW THEY BECAME "SELF MADE". And, lastly...this paper crap...can disappear overnight; and they'll all be doing what they did during the Great Depression, Black Monday, and in 2008...which is throwing themselves out of windows.)
    4. Born Wealthy? (How in the hell is that "self made"? And, this still does not say "how their parents became "self made"...only where their "so-called assets" are NOW. DUH..! You oughta learn how to read, before you start spilling that manutia in your head all around the "net".)

    What's left? Oh yeah...

    1. So you criticize the article, and you're doing on my blog, which merely cites the article to prove a point, which you have so far failed to address...

  13. Your own words.... "Best guesstimates is Amway may have produced a few thousand millionaires..."

    Holy shit...a few thousand...?!! Show me some "corporation" that's produced "a few thousand millionaires". I mean, damn...! And, that's just Amway....not all the companies that use Networking Methodology to distribute products. There are hundreds of companies. AL Williams produced "thousands". NuSkin produced the US and globally. Mary Kay, Shaklee, Avon, Lifeways, NSA/Greens Plus, Monavie, Fuller Brush Company, Noni, Goji, Pampered Chef, Herbalife, Tupperware, Isagenix, Organo Gold (with Holton Buggs at 2 million/month), Excel Telecom, Momentus, Ambit Energy, Aloette Cosmetics, AMSOIL (you know...oil), Beach Body, Beyond Organic, Big Planet, eCosway, Young Living Essentials, Global Domains International, KaratBars, iWowwe, Jenuesse (not doing well in US, not Europe's hot), Lifewave (not doing well in US, not Europe and Asia are hot), exFuze, Nerium, .....(ok...I ain't going on with this)

    THEN...TO TOP THIS ALL quoted this...."Given that there are THREE AND A HALF MILLION millionaires in the US, according to..." (who gives a shit who reported it).

    Excuse me you compared this "3.5 million millionaires"....who are spread across hundreds of industries and thousands of companies....including "tech", "manufacturing", "fashion and retail", "sports", "service", "media", "investments", "real estate" (as if that's not investment, sometimes), food and beverage, and "energy".....TO ONLY ONE COMPANY. What a load of shit.

    And, what you failed to mention is all the doctors and dentist in the medical "industry", all the sales and "bizness people" in Big Pharma sales to Doctors, Dentists, and Pharmacies...all the Chiropractors and "alternative med guys"....AND all of the Judges, Lawyers, and Politicians....that "get rich off your back".

    Finally....what makes this the number of sycophants that are willing to agree with you, because they're as stupid and incompetent as you are.

    Personally....I don't care what people do... whether it's MLM.... or digging ditches...or shoveling shit. But; I'd prefer that people "get the truth" about life and business from someone other than idiots like you....because the bottom line is exactly what you put in the "P.S." at the bottom of your crappy article...

    1. *Yawn* another vitriol filled rant claiming to be defending MLM by insulting everything else, offered up no facts, cherry picked points to argue things that were never talked about, blah blah blah.

      The bottom line is quite simple. MLM did NOT create the most millionaires of any industry, even MLM experts said so.

      Anything else you care to rant about is irrelevant.

  14. "Allegedly" the DSA ex-president Neil Offen once said "...But don't believe anyone telling you that most new millionaires are coming out of network marketing. That's an absurdity" This quote cannot be verified.

    Allegedly? Really...? Everything you wrote was "allegedly". What was your purpose here? Just pissed off that you're broke.? Seriously? Your gubment lies to you everyday....and you likely have no options to become wealthy, other than MLM....because your forte certainly is not "business analysis and due diligence.

    I love how you use something that was "allegedly" said. Makes me question the "alleged" veracity of any other "alleged quote" you used. However; just like your comment "this quote cannot be verified"....neither can the actual numbers (allegedly). MLMers cannot actually prove the alleged claim....and you certainly cannot disprove it. But, I've met many men, women, and families who because MLM millionaires.

    Just because you didn't earn any money in MLM doesn't mean "jack". Your article is trash. There's not a single bit of "real proof" or "evidence" or "rebuttal" of any facts....because it contains "no facts"...only " blind repetition of claims with no verification" from the failures on the other side of the tracks. If all you have time to do is spew your stupid, retarded, bullshit "conclusions"...then go get a life. I want to know how to get idiot like you off of page 1 of a google search. This stupid little forum article cannot be that active. Good grief.

    I know that I'm making it "more active" and likely it will "climb in rank". At least there will be a good rebuttal to your "billionaire allegations" and your "other alleged" tripe. "Service" makes millionaires; but MLM doesn't when you actually claim that just 1 Company created a "few thousand"...and refute yourself. And, with like "a 100-dollar" sign-up fee to "get into business" you know how many morons like you "just stick they toe in the water" and then sit around "waiting for their ship to come in"...versus actually working. You're a idiot. The entire article has no "real world" relevance to anything....other than to possibly make some people question what may be a good decision for them...because some moron like you can type without thinking. What a joke.

    1. Allegedly said because it's cited on multiple sources, but I cannot corroborate the quote or give specific citing. If I can, I would not have put allegedly.

      But I do link them (even though I don't nail down the citing). But if that's your only nit you care to pick, you have not done much of rebuttal.

  15. I see that "you approve" any messages that others post. that's fair and balanced.

    1. I was offline for a month and had other things to do than to publish your comments and feed your ego.

    2. @David you comments are really worthwhile and next to reality. This guy doesn't know jack shit about MLM or Anyother business that's for sure. He is a con and just try to divert traffic to his so called "BLOG". Such a time waster.

    3. Somebody's puppet seem to be rather buttsore.

    4. David Williams, You know Kasey has a few interesting points, most of the points are just from a smart ass who thinks he has found the evil of the world.

      His bias is clear and reminiscent of the Nationalist in german 1930's,

      Maybe he was promised something and failed like over 90% of people do in the direct selling arena. Maybe he is mad at the arena which is sort of like getting mad at the road because the person driving a car crashed and burned.

      Was entertaining reading your replies though...

      Haters gonna hate...

    5. @Unknown, attributing various negative attributes to me simply because you don't agree, as well as using the Nazi gambit, is rather inventive of you, as you went about it in a really circumspect way. You seem to have a way with words, why don't you use some REAL arguments instead? You're just another random "surf-by" commenter also buttsore, until proven otherwise.

  16. It seems the major players are the ones who make the big money. The people who keep signing up often get frustrated and wind up giving up due to lack of results. Saturation, lack of interest, few opportunities - these could all be reasons. At the end of the day, you need to put your time and effort into business endeavors that put bread and butter on the table - promises don't cover the bills.

    1. Working does put bread on the table. MLM often does not.

  17. I found this the most entertaining read in a long time. Thanks. I have to say in the end David wins delivering the best information and points. Sorry Kasey, I appreciate your research and time writing your article. You have proven the point that it should not be stated as fact that mlmers create the most millionaires. Great argument though boys! :)

    1. Hey, whatever points you want to give his bad arguments is your personal choice, but the good thing is facts don't have sides. And fact is MLM did NOT create the most millionaires.

      Raising a whole bunch of irrelevant points is indeed entertaining, in a slow-train-wreck sort of way.

  18. Thanks Kasey for being level headed about MLM. You can really tell the quality of the NM's by the quality of the arguments in their posts. They are so blinded by the myth of Get Rich Quick that they will fall for anything. I was involved with Partylite a few years back and worked really hard at building my income and unit. At my best, I made about 7K in one year, but the hours were unreal. I would have been better off using that time to complete a Masters Degree(which I subsequently did.) I enjoyed selling the products, not the recruiting, which is how you make your money with MLM. Anyway, keep up the good work, I really enjoy your posts.

    1. Thanks. MLM involves a lot of self-delusion and shared delusion, and that is the dangerous part. Delusions don't put food on the table. Read this for more food for thought.

  19. Replies
    1. And the point of a sales pitch (by a guy named Tim Sales, no less), is what exactly?

      Now read the rebuttal: (and no, I didn't write this)

  20. In direct selling, your success is derived from helping others achieve their potential. What you give comes back to you—and then some. That’s what makes this industry unlike any other." ~ Direct Selling News

    In the direct selling industry, we’ve all had the extraordinary privilege of witnessing independent representatives command the stage during company events—leaders who, only years earlier, couldn’t have imagined possessing the confidence required to inspire an audience. Often, you’ll find their team members within arm’s reach on that stage, their very presence reflecting the interconnectedness of the entire group.

    1. The flip side of that is direct selling industry also encourages idol/hero worship and cult of personality (and cultivation of such).

      Indeed, there really is little to no difference between a sales group and a sales cult other than motivation of the leader. Is the leader really out to make EVERYBODY rich, which is the way it should be, or just out to make himself rich, in a more of a "trickle down" theory in practice?

      And if the sales leader only knows how to recruit, instead of sell, then what is he, as he's clearly not a sales leader, but a cult leader?

      And how do you tell them apart, as they will at least, initially appears to be the same, appear to want to make everybody rich, and just ape him/her and follow his/her instructions, and you'll eventually be rich?

      I have no doubt that the entire direct sales industry can't be bad, but how do you really tell the good ones from the bad ones?

  21. Its funny how any model other than working for someone or owning the business is frowned upon. If these people are making money and are happy why not give that opportunity to others without having "skeptical" people scare you working for someone else because its safer. The reason "MLM's" are not skyrocketing over others is you still have to do the work! The hustlers get paid the easily discouraged fade period and that percentage is what throws the whole thing off. Damned if you do and damned if you dont. Give people the opportunity to be wealthy or spend marketing money on commercials and billboards. I bet you will be the same one complaining about big business sending jobs over seas!!!! Dumb ass you need to support anything that is making Americans honest money period. By the way, The third word past the title is wrong. And you are qualified to dog MLM's HA!!

    1. It's funny why you'd think MLM, where you marketing **** made by other people as NOT working for someone else, or why you'd considering busting a myth full of lies is somehow endorsing traditional employment.

      Ever consider where the **** you're selling comes from? Product of a traditional employment... SOMEBODY would have to have made it, right?

      You're working for "Da Man". You're just deluded into thinking you're working for yourself. Go check how much your MLM CEO makes.

  22. Has MLM made more millionaires? I think that is debatable. There may be good reasons to believe its true. And hey your Forbes list does not disprove that claim either. There is a big difference between a millionaire and a billionaire. While there may be no billionaires in MLM, there certainly are massive numbers of millionaires made by the industry. You don't have to believe that. It doesn't change the fact that it is true. I think the allure of MLM is its relatively low barrier of entry. In most industries, you have to invest substantial capital to start. But with MLM it is possible to start with zero capital. I just think it would be a little uninformed if someone who has no idea about the industry comes out and makes claims against the industry. I find that such individuals base their opinions on negative comments and experiences of others or they are just people who tried the industry and failed not because it was bad, but because they failed to understand what they were doing. MLM requires hard work, just like any other industry. If you dont put in the work, you would fail.

    1. > It doesn't change the fact that it is true (that MLM created massive number of millionaires)

      You have no proof of what you said. It's fine to challenge my "proof" not as solid as it can be, but it's merely ONE of my various supporting evidence. EVERY income study by profession says tech, engineering, and finance produce the best earners.

      In MLM you do have to invest capital... it's just not always in terms of money. You have to invest your time, your effort, AND your relationships, esp. if you decided to pitch the products to your family, friends, neighbors, workmates... Tell me, how many of them are tired of your sales pitches, vs. how many eagerly adopted your products long-term?

      Of course MLM requires hard work, but work in what? Sales... or recruitment? The two are NOT the same. One sells products, other adds to your organization.

      Face the facts: According to DSA average sales is about 2000 US dollars per person per YEAR in the US. And that's SALES, not profit. If they make a few millionaires, it's going be on the odds of winning the lottery grand prize. There is simply NO WAY MLM made "massive number of millionaires".

      The reality is well over 90% of MLM participants LOST money and/or wasted months of time. And that, I have documentation. What do you have other than belief?

      Of course you're going to repeat "you don't put in the work you will fail". So you are telling me 99% of people who joined MLM are lazy and 1% are hard workers?

      Highly unlikely.

      It's a lie you tell yourself in order to deny the truth... "Those" people failed not because of the system, but because they didn't work hard enough. It cannot be the system. The system has brainwashed you.

      Start asking questions instead of accepting things on faith. The truth is inconvenient, but it will set you free.

  23. Nu Skin along has 1200+ Million Dollar Circle Members. A Million Dollar Circle Member is any distributor who over the lifetime of their distributorship has earn $1 million dollars in commissions. Now every 3-4 days, a distributor is becoming a new member. So yes, based on those stats you shared above in your article, I would say that Les Brown was accurate in his statement.

    1. Lifetime sales, hardly yearly, or net profit.

      Furthermore, NuSkin was founded in 1984. That's less than 1 millioniare per week of its existence.

      How many millionaires did the tech industry make this week?

      Your attempt to defend MLM through bogus math is quite amusing.

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