Thursday, November 28, 2013

HAPPY THANKSGIVING, and a message from MLM Skeptic

Today is Thanksgiving Day in the US, where we are supposed to give thanks to the world and each other about having made it another year.

So here's best wishes to you, the reader, with a bit of help from a South Park meme... (look up "Craig")

"If I could get some real customers
instead of just friends and family needing
favors... I would be so happy." 
If you are in MLM, may you find real customers (who are NOT affiliates like yourself) and make a profit the way it's meant to be made.

If you are a victim of scams, may you find relief soon... and the wisdom to not fall for a reload scam or any other types of scams.

If you're neither, you get the generic "Happy Holidays" wishes. :D

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