Thursday, May 30, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Norway announced WorldVentures is under investigation as possible pyramid scheme

The "Norway Gaming Board" government regulatory agency has issued a press release that stated that World Ventures, a "travel MLM", is suspected of being a pyramid scheme, and has issued request of information from the company regarding the member vs. affiliate ratio in order to determine its fate in Norway. The company has until June 4th to respond.

Those who track suspect schemes may recall that World Ventures is essentially a clone of the now defunct "TVI Express" scam out of India. TVI, or "Travel Ventures International", had travelled (no pun intended) all over the world, but has essentially unravelled when its head, Tarun Trikha was taken into custody earlier in India.  (in Norwegian)


  1. so what happened? did they ban them in norway?

    1. No word on that.

      Swedes have filed a report, but no word on them either.

    2. Thanks Kasey

      In my opinion, although most, if not all countries were wv operates have communicated through officials that it is a scam and a pyramid scheme, none have moved forward to closing them down because of legal loopholes.

      The product (in this case travel) is used solely to distinguish the scheme from a pyramid which is described by law as a scheme were members earn money solely by subscribing other members to the scheme without the sale of any product.

      And so, until legislation is amended, there is nothing authorities can do.

      Also I have heard stories about the entirety of policed departments and army officers being members, as well as public servants, it would be very difficult to get rid of them. We'll just have to wait until it collapses, existing countries of operation are already saturated, and their only way of keeping the pyramid going is if they move on to new countries.

    3. Guess what, WorldVentures *is* a pyramid scheme. :)

    4. WorldVentures is stamped as a Pyramid in Norway and been asked to close down within 2 weeks from today.



    5. Apparently an appeal had been filed.

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