Sunday, May 26, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: 5 MORE Digital Currency Changers also went offline along with Liberty Reserve

According to Krebs on Security, 5 more Digital Currency Changers were taken offline (apparently seized by court order) along with Liberty Reserve as reported yesterday.

It is not known if additional arrests have been made around the world, but this may be indication that a press conference or news release will be made on Tuesday (this is Memorial Day weekend in the US) that US have executed a large takedown operation on various unlicensed e-Currency exchanges as major enablers of crime and cybercrime.

UPDATE: Further research on Internet shows that 5 more domains were likely ALSO ran by Arthur Budovsky. AsianaGold and others can be found referred to in various TalkGold and DreamMoney forum posts and linked right back to Gold-Age, ran by Budovsky himself.

Many doubters and denialists have surfaced insisting that this was a "hack attack" by whitehat hackers and blackhat hackers vowed revenge, while denying any sort of government involvement, in US or Puerto Rico. At least report, Shadowserver's homepage seems to be under DDOS attack.

Those denialists may want to watch this report from Puerto Rico's channel 7 news:

NOTE: Link is in Spanish, turn on closed captions, then translate to English (or whatever language you prefer)
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