Tuesday, May 28, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Liberty Reserve head Arthur Budovsky may have obtained Puerto Rican Costa Rican citizenship fraudulently

According to TicoTimes, Puerto Rican Costa Rican officials stated that Arthur Budovsky married a Puerto Rican Costa Rican woman in 2008 to obtain PR citizenship, and formally renounced his US citizenship in 2011. However, Puerto Rican Costa Rican officials cannot find any evidence of Budovsky entering Puerto Rico Costa Rica prior to 2011.

This seem to suggest that the marriage may be a sham marriage solely as a business arrangement for Budovsky to obtain PR CR citizenship in order to get away from US law. Sham marriages are considered serious fraud and can lead to revocation of citizenship.

TicoTimes also reported that the top players in Liberty Reserve have all used aliases when signing and/or creating corporate documents, and thus investigation into the company is often stonewalled, leading the PR financial authority SUGEF to deny Liberty Reserve a license to operate in PR CR in 2011. Liberty Reserve continued to operate any way, but slowly moved its servers and its bank accounts to Europe, trying to get away from PR CR authorities.

(Thanks for the spotters roasting me about mixing up Puerto Rico vs. Costa Rica)

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  1. Critical thinking is something that you should apply in your own blog.

    For starters, there's no such thing as "Puerto Rican" citizenship. Puerto Ricans are the ONLY latin people who are born American citizens.

    That would have put Mr. Reserve in the same position he was trying to scape from...

    Now, since you quoted the Tico times, which is a COSTA RICAN newspaper, you should have known that MR. Reserve actually received COSTA RICAN citizenship prior to renouncing his US one.

    CR= Costa Rica
    PR= Puerto Rico

    1 is part of the US, 1 is not... More critical thinking next time my friend ;)

    1. Thanks for pointing out typos, but that proves I need better editor/proof reader, not that I am not thinking critically.

      LOGICAL errors are errors in critical thinking. Detail errors are not.

      However it's a logical error to assume the other side had faulty logic simply because he had some bad typos. :D

      So yes, keep thinking critically, dude. :)