Friday, April 5, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: More confirmation for doom of "Profitable Sunrise", linked to religion

Colorado officially notified Profitable Sunrise that it is under investigation for alleged illegally selling securities to Colorado citizens. It scheduled a hearing. Not surprising at all, Profitable Sunrise didn't show up or sent a document requesting postponement. The Colorado filings and cease and desist order is now available online.

Perusing the documents revealed that the scam was heavily marketed to the Christians, with some of the promoters claiming to be "non-profit Christian community", claiming to turn $500 into over 18000 in 170 days. "Click to see my payment proof!" the various free blogs stated. Most of these are still available online, in a wide variety of alleged addresses all over the nation, not merely Colorado.

Profitable Sunrise's website's dead for two weeks, the promised "Easter Payout" never came,

See for details and link to Colorado filing:
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