Thursday, March 28, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: States condemning "Profitable Sunrise" HYIP is now at 31

States that have denounced / condemned / investigating Profitable Sunrise HYIP is now at "31", according to

This is in additional to several provinces in Canada and several other countries.

Yet this is hardly a new problem. FINRA, which is the financial regulatory agency in the US, had issued a warning against HYIPs back in 2010!  Heck, even the US Department of Justice had also issued a warning in 2010, that they WILL crack down on "mass marketing fraud", which is basically Internet-based Ponzi scheme.

FINRA warning back in 2010 had ALREADY pointed that the HYIP shills are adept in using all the new Internet channels such as social media, Youtube and similar video channels, and spam to suggest HYIP is a "legitimate" industry and *can* deliver huge profits to any one.

As "Profitable Sunrise" slowly sinks out of sight, HYIP shills on various social media outlets are already pushing a new set of HYIPs with bizarre names, but often with "pay", "share", "rev", "cash", "max" and such, some promising to pay even MORE than Profitable Sunrise.

If you've been warned, and you jump in ANY WAY, don't blame any one except yourself.

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