Friday, March 29, 2013

Scammers Know How to Use Freelancers Too

It used to be that scammers who put up fake company websites have horrible ad copy, riddled with bad grammar, spelling mistakes, and so on.

However, scammers realized they are giving themselves away doing that, so they went ahead and fix that... by hiring freelancers through,, or even Craigslist, or legitimate freelancer websites and so on.

One freelance writer claimed to be solicited by a company's representative (whose IP address traced to North Africa) to write a company profile and a pithy byline/slogan for $1000. The company is actually registered in Panama, and they offer three "funds" of different maturity rates. The specification stated that the profile is to be as vague as possible, but plenty of detail about the funds and how it's "guaranteed".

Nothing about regulations, law, legality, international borders, company background, or such.

That guy turned it down, as he suspects he will be helping a scammers setup an HYIP. But others may not be as scrupulous.

So don't let lack of grammer and spelling mistakes "prove" to you that an HYIP "may" be legitimate. There is no such thing.

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