Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Scam Absurdities: Stupid Meme passed on by MAPS idiots

Recently I came across this really really really stupid meme posted by a "Lloyd Dotson"

There are (at least) 3 things that were VERY VERY wrong with this meme. Did you spot them yet?

When you think you did, continue.

Problem 1) MAPS = My Advertising Pays... which is a suspect ponzi scheme.  It's little more than the old autosurf scam "Ad Surf Daily" redone with a modern polish.

Problem 2) For those of you who knows history, or even seen the 300 (from which the image was taken), this is how King Leonidas ended up:

End of 300, King Leonidas and his men are full of arrows and dead, very dead. 
Yes, he ended up an arrow cushion. Not exactly "glorious", is it?

Problem 3) #millionairementalist?   Does the guy even know what a mentalist is?

men·tal·ist (ˈmen(t)ələst/ )noun
a magician who performs feats that apparently demonstrate extraordinary mental powers, such as mind-reading.
BRITISH informal
an eccentric or mad person.

In other words, a mentalist tricks people for entertainment. So what does this guy mean by "millionaire mentalist"?

a) a millionaire who tricks people for entertainment... that's a double douchebag. Still not Lloyd Dotson.

b) a magician who tricks millionaires for entertainment... a douchebag playing douchebag for LOLs. Still not Lloyd Dotson

c) a crazy millionaire... still a douchebag. Clearly, NOT Lloyd Dotson, or he wouldn't be pushing a suspect scheme.

Since the tag makes absolutely no sense, nor the picture's context, nor what he's pushing, it's clear that Lloyd Dotson is a complete nonsense.

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