Friday, February 14, 2014

Bad Propaganda: The Real Story Behind the "Dropout Lambo" Meme

A recent viral meme that was made popular by Vemma sheeple was the "Dropout" Lamborghini Aventador

Hyundai SantaFe with "Scholar" Vanity plate,
and Lamborghini Aventador LP700 (2012)  with "Dropout" vanity plate
via Flickr circa 2013
The intent from Vemma sheeple is to ridicule school, and how Vemma is going to change the lives of the young people participating in it.

But what's the *real* story about the DROPOUT Lambo?

The Lambo is real. Its owner "PK" (who asked not to be identified) contacted me to give me the real story. Yes, I've confirmed his identity.

And here's a better picture of it:

Dropout! (Photo credit: Derek Walker Photo (Derk Photography))

In fact, PK had traded in this baby for a yellow LP720 (2014), same vanity plate.

So what's the story? Here, I'll let PK himself tell the story:
PK: Obviously I don't condone people using pictures out of context to
further their own personal agenda. My license plate is nothing more
than a joke and is not meant to be taken literally. 

Don't be stupid and drop out of college to be a salesperson.  PK didn't do that. I won't say who he is, only that he's a REAL entrepreneur and founded / co-found SEVERAL high-tech startups. If you drop out of college to peddle energy drinks on account of someone's JOKE, the laugh's on you.

NOTE: At the request of PK, much of the information had been redacted for his privacy. 
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  1. Contact Allen Wong. The guy from Rego Apps. I think they now each other.

    1. Just did, through Reddit. We'll see if he replies.

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  2. Actually finished high school but not college.

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