Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Bad Argument: When You Comment, You Should Check Your Facts!

Was browsing YPRPariah's website, and found something amusing... Some Vemma noob came and posted some comment about how great is Vemma and how everybody else are losers for doubting Vemma, blah blah blah.

Vemma Product Photography and Ad
Vemma Product Photography and Ad
(Photo credit: themichaelminer)
Here's a point for point critique.  His stuff is in blue, and mine will be in red
Honestly I use to be skeptical about vemma just like everyone here. As a business student I’ve been approached multiple times. but I realized that if I’ve been approached so much times it must be a trend and I put my ego aside and just let my friends explain to me why their so excited
So he just admitted he's a victim of FOMO: fear of missing out.  
 At the end of the day you guys really have to choose who your listening too.
So why should we listen to him?  
For anyone who’s skeptical your choosing to listen to a wordpress blog which has no credibility over people like robert kiyosaki, bob proctor, and eric thomas who are all millionaires who all directly work with vemma.
It's interesting how much credence he puts in "credibility". I wonder if he knew the following:
Kiyosaki was an Amway rep and his book was made popular by Amway's Sager Group. And he advocates screwing over his partners because he got away with it TWICE. He charges big speaking fees to appear at events. 
Bob Proctor basically stole all his schtick from Napoleon Hill (and admitted so), and his wife and daughter are high-rankers in Vemma 
As for Eric Thomas, former NFL player and now "Hip Hop Preacher", he's an inspirational speaker who will come to your event if you pay him enough. Between 10K and 20K per appearance, according to one article, as spoken by himself. 
They work with Vemma because Vemma paid them. They are mercenaries, much like lawyers. 
 Why would such credible people put their million dollar reputations on the line to work with vemma if it was a scam? They don’t need any extra money so the risk of working with a scam DEFINITELY wouldnt be worth it.
The answer is simple: they can always speak for someone else. Kiyosaki is constantly pumping out more rehash of his books and has that stupid "seminar" for pumping people more money. Bob also speaks for various other companies as well as his own "The Secret" related seminars, and so does Mr. Eric Thomas. If anything happens to Vemma, it wouldn't hurt them much, if at all. The damage he *thinks* will happen to them is negligible, and the deterrence he relied on is nonexistent.
This is just "appeal to celebrity" fallacy, or "association with celebrity" fallacy.

The phoenix suns do have a contract with vemma and has banners, billboards and a lounge just for verve (google it).
Enron logo, designed by Paul Rand
Enron logo, designed by Paul Rand
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)
That's because Vemma PAID FOR IT, duh. 
Any one remember Enron? Did you remember that Enron used to sponsor the Houston Astro's home field, i.e. Enron Field? Astros were so embarrassed, they had to PAY ENRON to buy back the naming rights to name it Astros Field. 
Yet ANOTHER use of "appeal to celebrity" fallacy.  
The company does pay for you to drive an cars an the fact that you could see the car and still be skeptical really shows that your listening to the wrong people in life.
It's just a lease payment, and it's up to recipient to pay the insurances and whatnot? And if the recipient doesn't meet the sales goals that month recipient has to pay out of pocket, but recipient can't remove the Vemma logos.  And logo'ed cars are usually FREE (you're paid up to $500 a month for driving one).
So far, all we got out of Quinn are half-truths and self-centered interpretation of the facts.  Thus, apparently, according to Quinn, we should stop listening to him.  
If you want to know why people do vemma doesnt it make sense to ask someone who’s already DOING it instead of going online an asking people from the outside looking in?
Does catching a cold make you/him/her a cold expert? No?
If not, why does catching doing Vemma make you/him/her a Vemma expert?  And does being a Vemma expert, if there is such a thing, does doing Vemma make you a network marketing expert? Or even a network marketing legal issues expert? 

This is the sort of cult-speak one-sided talk that are often parroted by noobs. The arguments change slightly, the company changes, but the general tone is the same.

This only proves that this commenter is brainless sheeple that let other people think for him rather than actually think through stuff himself. 


  1. It is called presuppositions. We as humans will tend to look for the facts that support the truth that we want to exist. You, by your own admission are a Skeptic. So you will look for the facts that justify your skepticism. People who love Vemma tend to look at the facts that make Vemma look good. Truth be told there are facts on both sides as there are with almost every other company in our outside of network marketing.

    Failure exist in all companies and industry. People fail at flipping burger at Mcdonalds. They fail in Real Estate. They fail in the military and they fail in Network Marketing. The big difference is which one offers the greatest upside possibilities for the risk of failure they all offer. There is no industry that offer a bigger potential upside, for the average person, then Network Marketing and within the Network Marketing or Affiliate Marketing industry Vemma is one of the top companies.

    Those are the facts whether you like them or not.

    1. You have misunderstood skepticism.

      Skepticism is question the "facts" that are available... Are they REALLY facts, are they all the facts, and what context are the facts present? ANY one of these can cause a full revision of perspective, or a "paradigm change", if you will.

      In other words, I'm looking for EVIDENCE, ALL THE EVIDENCE, positive or negative, and compare them to the PR narrative, and see which ones are closer to the truth.

      You are equating "skepticism" to "negativity", which suggests you have been brainwashed by the "no negativity" "no questions" people who don't want you to ask questions or express any doubt in the system.

      As for "greatest upside possibilities for risk of failure", you seem to have a very peculiar measure for that. Vemma's own income disclosure revealed that 87% made less than 3800 a year. That's out of, oh, 105K affiliates.

      3800 a year is a lot less than 17500 a year (which is what you'd make if you work 50 weeks per year, 40 hours per week, at Federal minimum wage of 7.50 per hour)

      So your risk of "failure" in Vemma is huge, your chance of success minimal. You have to spend 60 to 120 + S&H every month to "stay qualified".

      I'd say if you put the SAME MONEY toward lottery tickets you'd have an even bigger "upside possibilities". AND I've already busted the myth that MLM had created the most millionaires of any industry. That's any bogus myth perpetrated by a liar from decades ago.

      Sorry, your logic just doesn't hold water. You don't have facts. You have suppositions that you've been told are facts. They are not.