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Guest Post: Vemma and Napoleon Hill's "Think and Grow Rich", Part 2 of 6

Previously we had SlayerofScams, a fellow scambuster on IGN, posting his essay on how people misconstrue Napoleon Hill's advice to coerce the weak-minded sheeple. [ Part 1 of 6 ]

Here's part 2.


SlayerOfScams, Dec 30, 2013

Here is some more wisdom from Napoleon Hill to Vemma victims. This is one of Hill's thirty causes for failure at life:
29. GUESSING INSTEAD OF THINKING. Most people are too indifferent or lazy to acquire FACTS with which to THINK ACCURATELY. They prefer to act on "opinions" created by guesswork or snap-judgments.
Where have we seen that before in relation to Verve? I can think of at least two places.

First, in Post #940 (link to IGN board), where we see Darik Alexander saying: "Don't even entertain the notion [that Vemma is a pyramid scheme] because you know it is not...and if you don't even entertain the notion, they [potential new recruits] will just be like, 'Oh damn, I feel like an idiot for even saying that question."

Second, in Post #944 (link to IGN board) where we see Darik Alexander saying: "The only way you are going to know if what I am telling you is really real is if you trust me."

So, to paraphrase those above quotations, we have Hill saying: don't be an idiot - don't rush into irrational decisions, and don't form irresponsible opinions without first doing research and educating yourself with the necessary facts.

Next, we have Alexander saying: don't even bother thinking about whether Verve is a pyramid scheme or not because the subject is not even open for discussion and you should feel stupid for even wondering about it. Further, we also have Alexander saying to trust him just because he said he should be trusted. No thinking is required, on the part of you, the Verve victim. From you nothing is required except for blind faith in the scammer who wants to take your money.

And most damning of all, on top of all that, we have Alexander (again in post #940) saying at about the 10:00 mark of his "home event" video: "Don't overcomplicate it. We got really rich because we didn't overcomplicate it. Tell everyone you know to come to the next event...Don't say 'Vemma.' Don't say 'Verve.' Say: 'This is going to change your freakin' life' - because it actually will, and I will guarantee that. You make sure they show up, I make sure they sign-up."

Translation from SlayerOfScams [what Alexander's words really mean]: "Successful professional scam artists like myself do not mention the words Vemma or Verve to potential new victims, because to do that would give them the power to research Vemma/Verve and realize that it is a scam and illegal pyramid scheme before we have had a chance to brainwash them at one of our events. Therefore, sell to everyone you know nothing but the dream of riches. Get them to come to one of our Vemma party events, and I will do the heavy-lifting to make sure that they become fully brainwashed and join the Vemma/Verve pyramid before they have had any chance to research or to think about it."

In other words, we have Darik Alexander proactively encouraging all the suckers who are lower than himself in the Verve pyramid to ask everyone they know to become (just as the other dupes who Alexander is talking to already have become) literal embodiment of Hill's twenty-ninth cause for failure at life.

To any Vemma/Verve victim, remember, Hill says you must have facts so that your brain can work properly. Are you not disturbed that you joined Vemma/Verve without first getting any relevant facts? Are you not disturbed that you are encouraging your friends and family members also to join Vemma/Verve without first getting any relevant facts? Are you not disturbed that no one has ever provided - not anywhere - even one single relevant fact to suggest that Vemma/Verve is anything other than a scam in the form of an illegal pyramid scheme?

Don't you find strange that wisdom from the main guru (Napoleon Hill) of one of your most notable cult masters (Bob Proctor) is condemning Vemma/Verve from beyond the grave?


Originally appeared in IGN board by SlayerofScams, reposted with permission

P.S. from the MLM Skeptic... Many many years ago, I was between jobs and I answered someone's advertisement on Craigslist for internet related job. I was surprised he wants to meet me at my place, but he explained it's a work-at-home job. So I relented.

Turns out he doesn't have any job for me. He wants to recruit me for Quixtar (i.e. Amway online). 

I smiled, and proceed to waste his next half hour and still told him no. I figured, the best thing I can do is to waste as much of his time as he wasted mine, so that he has less time to waste someone else's time. 

Yes, I'm a sadistic bas****. And I believe I am totally justified because he advertised himself falsely. 

And apparently that's what Vemm-bots do: they teach people to do false advertisement. Like that guy who falsely advertised a job and I fell for it. 

Real douchebags, they are. 

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