Friday, December 26, 2014

BREAKING NEWS: TachoEASY AG confirms name was stolen by TachoEASY Iberica, NOT affiliated at all

Sharp-eye readers of BehindMLM have just spotted this press release on the TachEASY.DE (and TachoEASY.AT) 

TachoEASY AG has recently become aware of the fact, that the trade name TachoEASY was associated with the Geteasy Group. 
We have received a large number of statements of actual consumer confusion. We were also approached by third parties and asked about our possible relation to Tachoeasy Iberica. 
TachoEASY AG is not affiliated with these entities and demanded vis-à-vis Tachoeasy Iberica that they immediately cease and desist any and all use of the trade name and logo TachoEASY. 
The products distributed by Tachoeasy Iberica are not the original products developed and sold by our company, the TacoEASY AG. Any statements to the contrary are false.
For any further questions, please contact TachoEASY AG.

In other words, TachoEasy Iberica is a clone of a real company, and was apparently created to provide "social proof" for the GetEasy ponzi scheme.

This is very reminiscent of the WCM777 ponzi scheme and how it claimed to be backed by Siemens, leading Siemens to release via Twitter, Press Release, Website, AND PDF to refute such links.

However, it seems TachoEasy went several steps further, by registering the clone company as well as tried to register several related trademarks.

Now I wonder how tight is this "bank" that was supposedly involved in recent months...  Clearly, that bank can't be that real if it got involved with a Ponzi scheme as a subsidiary...

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