Thursday, August 22, 2013

More Bizarre TelexFree Affiliates In Brazil: TelexFree Ice Cream

What would you call this ice cream concoction?

The creator of this flavor in Rio Branco, Brazil, named it after "TelexFree", the embattled scheme alleged pyramid / Ponzi scheme (at least that's what the article seem to have implied).

Details are a bit sketchy, no mention of what ingredients are in this thing, but the inventor, a TelexFree member, claimed that he created this flavor in honor of Telexfree, stating "This is not pyramid scheme, neither is the company."

He also invited the judge(s) who ruled against the company to come and taste it and see for himself why the company TelexFree is not a pyramid scheme.

No word on whether the judge is taking up his offer for free ice cream.

(Thanks to for spotting this "gem")
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