Monday, February 11, 2013

The Crazy Conspiracy of Persecution

Charles Ponzi's autobiography
Charles Ponzi's autobiography (Photo credit: MarkGregory007)
When a scam was revealed to be a scam, the owner of the scam often will spawn some vast conspiracy theory of government persecution in order to justify to his or her followers that the scam is NOT a scam.

Back in 2010, FDA shut down the makers of "Miracle Mineral Supplement", called Project Greenlife. PGL sold this mineral solution that you are supposed to add citric acid to the solution and drink it, which supposedly will cure variety of ailments. However, actual scientific tests show what this actually produce is primary ingredient in industrial bleach (yuck!)

Instead of stopping as requested, the people behind PGL decided to make more of this MMS in a backyard, and continue to sell the stuff online.

Department of Justice just charged the four people involved with conspiracy, transporting misbranded drugs, and more.

The four went to a "Pro Advocate Group", some group that claims to offer legal advice, but instead, offer legal mumble-jumbo instead. PAG mail random documents with the court claiming to have reached an "understanding" if the court doesn't reply in X days.

What's interesting is PAG tactics are very similar to the various "sovereign citizen" groups who enjoys filing bogus liens and documents. What's even MORE interesting is PAG was previously engaged by none less than Ad View Global, a Ponzi scheme that's linked to Andy Bowdoin of "Ad Surf Daily" ponzi scheme.

There are several websites claiming FDA is a "rogue agency" and suggests that head of FDA should be in a criminal suspect line-up, thus supporting the claim that PGL is being "persecuted" by the Federal Government.

Andy Bowdoin and his followers did essentially the same thing, after the Ad Surf Daily ponzi was shut down by the Feds. His followers filed various motions, claiming malicious prosecution, that government does not have a case, and some sort of a conspiracy to silence a new form of business.

The same thing happened after Zeek Rewards ponzi was shut down. Followers of Zeek claimed various conspiracies, such as "SEC doesn't really have a case", "Paul Burks was railroaded by his own lawyer", and so on and so forth.

Are these suspects sticking to the same script?

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  1. Again yes the FDA is out of control. Not in MLM but in not allowing people to sell raw milk or even consume or store their own milk from their own cow. And confiscating at gun point these items. There are so many ther examples of FDA intrusion and lack of oversite of Big business. Why is a cap placed on the amount that Big Pharma can sued for? Herba life can be harrased for what they produce. But not Merck! So what if they produce a drug that will kill twenty people in the next year. As long as that was figured into the financial equation thats fine. No conspiracy here.

    1. How about getting your own facts straight? Raw milk is a state by state issue and has nothing to do with the FDA. Here's a map that explains where raw milk's legal (and illegal).