Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Reverse Psychology of Temptation

One way to not fall for scams is avoid the temptation of "easy money", "get-rich-quick schemes", and so on. That basically means keep our inner demons in check and avoid temptation.

What exact is temptation any way?

In terms of MLM and similar "income opportunities", temptation comes in two forms: appeal to greed, and peer pressure (appeal to conformity).

Both are countered through understanding of oneself, and confidence in oneself.

If you hold yourself of high moral fiber, and unwilling to resort to questionable tactics and schemes to earn money (no matter how easy and legal they seem), then you would not be tempted by your own greed.

If you have confidence in yourself, then you would not be affected (much) by peer pressure, such as your friends and family insisting you to join this whatever opportunity.

In both cases, you had made a commitment to yourself, and you are determined to keep it.

Remember, it takes two to be scammed... one to scam, and the other to BE scammed. If one is not willing to be scammed, then it is much harder for him to be a victim of a scam, as s/he is much less vulnerable.

When you are tempted, stop and think about this question: Which is more important, keeping the promise to yourself, or satisfying that urge to comply and failing yourself?

Once you start making a promise to yourself, and keeping it, the longer you go, the better reason you have to keep it, as you've made it that long and you didn't have to break that promise, so there's even LESS excuse in the future to break that promise.

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