Sunday, June 24, 2012

Who the **** would buy this? 7 Most Hilarious Products sold through MLM

Ever ran into a product and wonder who on this Earth would buy something like that?

You can sort of understand the appeal of a toothbrush that plays a Justin Bieber tune when you brush...  (real item!)  or a hair curler that's endorsed by the movie Twilight...

But there are some products that are so outrageous that you wonder why would ANYBODY buy them....
  • A can of air that was certified by world renowned body to do absolutely nothing
  • A pill (like a vitamin) you feed to your CAR to make it run better
  • A mystery fluid that claims to make gasoline flammable even in an Arctic storm
  • A water pitcher that claims to make all your water molecules line up in a conga line
  • A finger tester that proves you need to buy vitamins
  • A glass disk that does everything, including making salt taste saltier
  • And... a MLM designed specifically for... UFO believers?!?!?!

Read on for some of the most outrageous products sold by multi-level marketing.

7 Most Hilarious Products Sold through Multi-Level Marketing 

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