Saturday, June 30, 2012

Are you asking the right questions regarding an income opportunity?

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Are you seeking the truth when it comes to
income opportunities? Are you thinking critically?
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When you judge an income opportunity on whether to join or not, what are your criteria?

Are you *sure* those are the right criteria?

Almost all the sales pieces on the Internet about an income opportunity are guilty of some sort of propaganda, where they

  • Answer the wrong questions by assuming some answers as fact when they are not, often with logical fallacies.
  • Asking the wrong questions and answering them convincingly, hoping you never notice those are the wrong questions.
  • Highlight stuff that look good and omit stuff that look bad
However, just a little critical thinking is all you need to see through the veil, and determine what are the REAL factors (risk, cost, and reward) you need to make a decision, and whether they have been misrepresented, and how serious are the misrepresentation, which would indicate additional risk. 

Learn the basics of critical thinking, the four types of reasoning errors, and how scammers exploit those errors to help you make the WRONG decisions in

Super Short Guide to Critical Thinking and Logic to Income Opportunity Seekers

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