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Commentary: How "Ultimate Guide to Network Marketing" illustrates what's wrong with Network Marketing

I often browse used bookstores, and one day I came across "Ultimate Guide to Network Marketing" edited by Dr. Paul Rubino. As the MLM Skeptic, I read it with a skeptical mind...  Overall, I am rather... disappointed. While several of the authors out of 37 did dispense practical advice, such as how to utilize modern tech like autoresponder and such, while others laid out do's and don'ts on what to say in a sales speech, ZERO discussed what's legal and what's not legal.

"Pyramid scheme" was NEVER discussed, other than as an resistance to be overcome, as doubt in a prospect that must be quashed, and so on.

Product-based pyramid scheme was never mentioned.

In fact, the entire book is devoid of definitions other than odd backronyms like WOO = window of opportunity. There is no glossary, just an index.

Consider the implication: how would the network marketing noob know what's legal and what's not if it was NOT discussed in a so-called "Ultimate Guide to Network Marketing"? How "ultimate" can this guide be if legal stuff was not discussed at all?

Furthermore, many of the chapters were about belief / faith. Belief in oneself, belief in product, belief in company, belief in team...  Belief involves TRUST. What happened to due diligence? Common sense? What makes the company, product, or team members WORTHY of trust?

This is basically a collection of "business porn"... written by network marketing "leaders" who claimed success through effort even though they can't prove that their success was a result of their effort. Anything they wrote are results of survivorship bias and self-serving bias, but people starting in network marketing believe these to be words of wisdom, and indeed, many of the 37 articles advocate "just ape what I do" or "create system that can be easily aped"

In fact, one article is about how to CREATE business porn... awards, recognitions, newsletters, mailing lists, podcasts, Youtube videos, and so on, as marketing vehicles.

Would you really consider "monkey see, monkey do" to be wisdom?  The entire book is thin on actual practical advice. Most are motivational talk and how to customize such for your particular market (i.e. your prospects). Again, it's business porn, and it does NOT help.

Just as porn is not sex but sexual fiction designed to titillate, business porn is NOT business advice, but sales pitch designed to motivate.  Porn is fine in moderate doses, but porn addiction is serious problem. Similarly, business porn is fine in moderate doses, but business porn addiction will simply depress you as you constantly choose to compare yourself to leaders, trying to ape them, without understanding WHAT made them successful (often, it's just luck) and what price did they pay (which is NOT depicted).

The book basically is all about trust, and duplication, with a few bits of sales techniques and marketing vehicles covered, but has ZERO advice on what to look for, how to spot good from bad, and how to spot legal from illegal.

The implication is very troubling: if this is the sort of book written by top network marketing professionals, network marketing is about faith and recruiting, not about sales and earning trust.

In case you want to check out the table of contents, I've excerpted the table of contents, with chapter number, chapter title, and author, along with a TL;DR summary. If you look hard enough you can find this book as a PDF, but I'm not linking to it. I have my hard copy.

1 Carpe WOO! Brian Biro

TL;DR -- WOO = Window of Opportunity

2 Bring the Right Attitude to Your Network Marketing Experience John Terhune 

TL;DR -- motivate yourself

3 Nine Things More Important Than Capital for Achieving Network Marketing Success Jim Rohn

TL;DR -- Time, Desperation, Determination, Courage, Ambition, Faith, Ingenuity, Heart and Soul, and Personality (all motivational stuff)

4 Creating a Winning Strategy for Your Network Marketing Business Cliff Walker

TL;DR --  do half of SWOT analysis... without weakness and threat, i.e. identify Life Priorities, Purpose, Vision, Core Values, Core Skills, Marketplace, System, Key Interfaces, and Key Resources. All positive, no negative.

5 The Power of a Great System Mark Stevens

TL;DR -- 5 steps: establish goals, commit to goals, make prospect list, get busy, celebrate accomplishments. Half motivation, half system.

6 Behave Your Way to a Six-Figure Income Captain Dave Klaybor

TL;DR -- clone yourself in the pattern of your leader, motivation.

7 VITAL Signs of a Healthy Business Glenn and Marian Head

TL;DR -- V=Visualize  I = Intent  T=Training  A= Action  L=Live , half motivation, half system.

8 The Most Critical Skill Every Network Marketing Professional Must Possess Steve Siebold

TL;DR -- be mentally tough, control your thoughts, feelings, and attitudes. Mostly motivation.

9 Belief: Why It’s So Vital, How to Build It, Who’s Responsible Art Burleigh

TL;DR -- believe in yourself, your company, your industry, your products/services, etc. through awards, recognitions, and attitudes. Believing is key to success.  Motivation.

10 The Stages to Achieving Freedom Well Earned Dan Conlon

TL;DR -- described a personal growth / business growth plan, half motivation, half practical advice.

11 You Are Only a Couple of Sentences Away from Terrific Success in Your Network Marketing \
Career Tom “Big Al” Schreiter 86

TL;DR -- you can only be successful if you TEACH your downline the sales skills... motivation is crap without skills. Practical

12 A Sense of Urgency Charles E. “Tremendous” Jones

TL;DR -- seven laws of "leadership" (mostly about motivation), plus discipline and loyalty. Mostly motivation

13 The Art of Persuasion Nido Qubein

TL;DR -- positive, prospect, prepare, perform, percept, probe, personalize, please, prove, persist. Pretty practical stuff about sales. 

14 Why Won’t They Listen to Me? Kim Klaver 

TL;DR -- a good list of do's and don'ts in the network marketing sales/recruitment speech. Good practical advice. 

15 Finding Passion in Your Business Kathy Coover

TL;DR -- build a belief system and then try to instill the same in your recruits. Motivation and "leadership" 

16 Finding Your North Star Shannon Anima 

TL;DR -- list a bunch of "values" (service, integrity, respect, joy, love, etc.) people treasure, then figure how they fit into your own daily plan and overall marketing strategy

17 Values-Based Selling Linda Avery

TL;DR -- figure out what value are you providing to the prospect, and sell them that

18 Recognition: The Driving Force Brad Hager

TL;DR -- recognize people for their "achievements" and you'll get them hooked, because you make them believe in the system... and themselves (and you).

19 The Magic of Network Marketing: Building Real Residual Income Barry Friedman

TL;DR -- if you generate a "business" that pays 2500 a month without work, it's as if you have 1 million dollars in the bank earning 3% interest!

20 Creating a Steady Stream of Prospects Randy Gage

TL;DR -- direct or indirect approach? Most noobs only know the indirect approach.

21 Creating a Simple Yet Effective Method of Operation Art Jonak

TL;DR -- leverage tools and create a replicable system (DVD, internet, whatever) to showcase your operations.

22 Sponsoring a “No” Beatty Carmichael 

TL;DR -- have a script when the prospect says no

23 Leadership in an All-Volunteer Army Greg Arnold

TL;DR -- leadership and motivation

24 Free, Fun, and Creative Ways to Find an Endless Flow of Hot New Prospects for Your Business Nick Hetcher

TL;DR -- where to prospect that you may not thought of

25 Prospecting and Creating High Visibility to Attract Business Builders Dr. Tony Alessandra

TL;DR -- some practical tips in spotting prospects where you didn't notice before

26 Octopus Networking: Stretch Your Tentacles and Inspire Others to Help Romanus Wolter

TL;DR -- marketing in multiple directions

27 Heating Up Your Cold Market Amy Posner

TL;DR -- spend money on advertising and such

28 The 7 Best (and Most Profitable) Internet Prospecting Tools Chris Zavadowski

TL;DR -- banner ads, autoresponder, youtube, podcast, and more...

29 The Internet Can Replace Your Warm Market Max Steingart

TL;DR -- "how to troll for recruits online"

30 Building Your Network Marketing Business with Trade Shows, Booths, and Fairs Dr. Don and
Mary Lou Vollmer

TL;DR -- practical tips in planning, location, display, and follow-up.

31 Party Your Way to the Top of Network Marketing! Jan Ruhe

TL;DR -- home party every week, half selling, half recruiting

32 How to Use Direct Mail to Promote Your Network Marketing Program Larry Chiappone

TL;DR -- post cards

33 Proper Follow-Up: The Hidden Gold Mine Jeff Mack

TL;DR -- referrals and branding

34 Visionary Leadership Mike Melia

TL;DR -- lead with a vision

35 Posture, Process, and Perspective Create Profits Scotty Kufus

TL;DR -- posture to win, process to work hard, perspective puts a good spin on things

36 What Are You Afraid Of? Overcoming Challenges,Obstacles, and Fear Ray Gebauer

TL;DR -- reframe your problems 

37 The Importance of High Self-Esteem to Your Network Marketing Success Dr. Joe Rubino

TL;DR -- ignore the problems, reframe them as non-problems

P.S. You may also want to read "Why Self Help is porn for wannabe entrepreneurs" by Peter Shallard

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  1. MLM is a scam. It's a pig with lipstick. MLM sells false hopes and dreams disguised as a legitimate business opportunity,