Saturday, February 27, 2016

Charity MLM? What a joke, and here's proof

Here's a simple and logical premise: MLM and Charity does NOT mix.

Think about it. MLM is a MONEY MAKING enterprise, both for the company itself, and for the individual affiliates. Charity is.. altruism. The two goals are mutually conflicting.

That doesn't stop a bunch of lame MLMs from trying to cash in on the charity angle, some by claiming it is helping kids where you "donate" your money to them, and they will deliver the food to kids in some third world country. Another claim that by participating in their penny auction your bids will be partially donated toward a worthy cause. There are many other variations, but they all include a supposedly non-profit charity making profit AND income for participants.

And in 2016, it turns out that leader of one of these so-called charity MLM is the largest tax cheat in the state of Oregon.

A gentleman by the name of Randall "Randy" Jeffers.

BidsThatGive, launched by Randall "Randy" Jeffers in 2012, hoping to clone the success of the ponzi scheme ZeekRewards (which supposedly is sharing profit from penny auction), promised all sorts of things to "founders", things such as "exotic car, yacht, RV, or home" if they can recruit investors handing over up to 25000 USD, all the while claiming money you invest are going feed poor children and stop them from becoming sex slaves.  Jeffers was previously sued by state of Oklahoma for running a pyramid scheme called Renaissance USA in the 1990's. A permanent injunction was granted in year 2000.

According to the newspaper The Oregonian, Randall Jeffers, head of BidsThatGive and its successor, BTG180, is the most egregious tax scofflaw in the state, owing over $3.8 MILLION dollars in PERSONAL income tax. 

Randall Jeffers has a long history in various failed ventures. According to MLMWatchdog, Jeffers ran "Destiny Telecom" which was "shutdown by Calfiornia AG", then his next venture "Wow Mobile" also folded after merely a year.

Apparently the guy who want you to "MLM" a charity didn't even bother to pay taxes.


  1. Dear KS,

    I was wondering if you have any info on Exfuze. Thanks.
    A friend of mine got caught with it. Looks pretty fishy


    1. Frankly the entire supplement industry is fishy, as they want to convince you that what you eat ain't good for you.

  2. The purchases of MLM products made by sympathetic friends and family of MLMers can be seen as charity, in my opinion.