Thursday, July 16, 2015

USFIA Update: Who are they trying to fool with these "screenshots"?

A few days ago, the "official" Facebook page of Gemcoin / USFIA posted this:

Facebook post by Gemcoin / USFIA official page
Can you see the problems? No?

The "Blockchain Wallet" is the first problem.  Blockchain never heard of Germcoin.

Second one requires a bit closer look.... Look carefully:

Getting the details of one of those pictures... See the problem yet? 
Do you see the problem yet? No? Let's go a little closer:

The title says: [unreadable Chinese] Gemcoin Wallet.pdf -- Adobe Reader
That's right, you're looking at a photo of PDF being displayed on a computer screen. In fact, if you open Adobe Reader XI now, you should see the SAME toolbar. Here, I'll even show you.

Screenshot of Adobe Reader toolbar / menu bar
They're showing off a PDF file and claiming it "proves" that their cryptocurrency blockchains are working?!?!?!

How stupid do they think people really are?

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