Sunday, July 13, 2014

News Update 13-JUL-2014: International Schemes on the Rise; World Ventures threatens critic

Been busy last week, so this will have to be a big news update. Remember folks, I link to the actual news items, not just random blog posts.

International Suspect Schemes on the Rise 

Recent scheme reviews on BehindMLM revealed that more and more schemes claim to be international, when most of the international presence are mere facades.

Mr. Link IT Solutions -- probable Ponzi investment scheme, claims to be IT exporter from Japan with office in China and Japan... AND Brazil (where it's really based in)

BrokerAds -- clone of BannerBroker ponzi scheme, with horrible broken English, and Alexa traffic pattern indicating it's probably ran out of Pakistan, even though the site's disclaimer seem to suggest a US connection.

LEO (Learn, Earn, Own) -- PO Box in Dubai UAE, Mail drop in Hong Kong, Regus Virtual office in Egypt and India, and more virtual office in other locations.

Beware when you run into one of these "international" companies. Do your due diligence.

World Ventures threatens critic with vague "cease and desist"

A travel blogger was accosted by a WV marketer, was creeped out by the vagueness, and published her experience and her subsequent research on her blog, and has recently received a "cease and desist" from World Venture's Lawyer "Shawn E. Tuma", where he 1) accused the blogger of "false, misleading, defamatory, and disparaging statements about WorldVentures"... but provided NO example of such. 2) accused the blogger of "misappropriating, misusing, and disparaging[sic] WorldVenture's intellectual property" when using name in a review / opinion is clearly a part of fair use. 3) accused the blogger of "engaging in unfair competition and deceptive trade practices"  Wait, what? How does operating a travel blog compete with operating a "travel MLM"?

What's most hilarious is Mr. Tuma's demand... that the blogger not only take down (but not delete) anything related to WorldVentures, but to cease making ANY remarks in ANY public form regarding World Ventures.

Read more about this dumb threat on Popehat:

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  1. please be careful with this selfish company, they use brainwash methods like they use in cults. My husband has been brainwashed i told him not to waste his time, he said im a dream killer and left me and our 10 month old to "focus on his business" (world ventures business) it so sad they prey on the poor to make money. the only way to make money is by putting people in. and if your not putting people in and ask for there help they will ignore you! yup happened to my husband last year. we are in a very terrible financial situation and they manipulated him to go to a training on april 18 in kansas city he used our tax money thAT couldve been used for priorities. i know they brainwashed him to go because last year his mentor tried to bribe him to go by saying ill pay your expenses if your not satisfied with united. sadly he still falls for the manipulating words. they are so selfish they dont care about family or friends being destroyed they just want there money from people below them. and they make money by training. Dave Ulloa and his dear wife are lies they worship them for making it to the top. yeah right! they had special treatment from the founders of wv and they are share holders of the company. they are nothing but a pure scam. Yeah people make money, but by brainwashing the poor. the company is so unprofessional its disgusting go to a regional training or united training and You will see what im talking about.