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TelexFree News Update 4/30/2014: Sann Rodrigues invokes God, Santiago De La Rosa ordered to sell bling cars

Not too many news items, as everyone is waiting for the huge court date of May 2nd...

Sann Rodrigues invokes God, vows "I am never going to stop this [TelexFree?]"

According to the SEC, in court documents recently filed, they found Sann Rodrigues uploaded a video to Youtube on April 16th, the day of the SEC/ FBI / HSI / ICE / who knows what else raid on TelexFree. In the video, Sann Rodrigues announced:
I am never going to stop this. If I say to my network I will never stop this because it is in blood, DNA. And who started multi-level was God. If you want to learn, learn. If you want to frown, frown. God made binary, Adam and Eve, and told them to multiply. For me, it is given by God.
It was pretty obvious that Sann Rodrigues was referring to TelexFree (that he will never stop doing TelexFree).

So being a scammer is in his blood, hmmm? Please keep in mind this is NOT Sann Rodrigues's first time being investigated by SEC. Back in 2007 SEC busted him for operating "Universo FoneClub" that charged over 1000 dollars for an opportunity to sell phone cards, but people actually made money recruiting other people.

Back then, he claimed that God wanted Brazilians to prosper and Universo FoneClub was the way. Now he claimed God invented binary. It's clear that he's recycling his old recruiting talk and he really isn't going to change... Much like Kevin Trudeau (who recently got 10 years jail sentence).

Recall that the only one who really prospered is himself. He's the one showing off fancy Ferraris on TV and a mansion in Florida. And he's not shy showing it off. See for yourself:

Sann Rodrigues on Vimeo, self-proclaimed millionaire through TelexFree, showing off his assets
vows to never stop (what? cheating other people? first through Universo FoneClub, then TelexFree?)
Which brings us to one of his co-conspirators, also charged by the SEC, Santiago de la Rosa.

Santiago de la Rosa ordered to sell off his 3 bling cars

On April 30th, court made the temporary restraining order against de la Rosa and Crosby, originally issued on the 16th, into an injunction.
English: 2011 BMW X5 xDrive 35d. Diesel versio...
English: 2011 BMW X5 xDrive 35d. w/ sports package (optional) with 20" rims (optional). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the court document, judge also ordered de la Rosa to sell his 3 bling cars:

  • 2014 BMW X5 XDrive  (worth $40000 to $60000)
  • 2013 Range Rover Sport HSE (worth $54000 to $67000)
  • 2010 BMW X5 XDrive  (worth $30000 to $35000)
Judge also ordered de la Rosa to quickly return any money sent out of the country, and sell the cars and deposited the money into a government account. This usually indicates that a plea deal has already been reached. 

SEC Alleged that ALL Defendents Have Violated Temporary Restraining Order

SEC also provided a LONG list of activities which it says prove that virtually all 8 defendant in the TelexFree lawsuit have violated the temporary restraining order. Activities includes:

  • Violating TRO of not using investor funds by turning on the TelexFree website
  • Violating TRO requirement of filing written accounting (none of 8 defendants have done so)
  • Violating TRO requirement of returning money sent out of country (Wanzeler have not returned at least 3.5 million sent to Singapore, and there's another 10 million to TelexFree Dominicana?)
  • Violating TRO of no more recruiting or promoting. Both Sann Rodrigues and Faith Sloan have made pitches online claiming "divine right" to do so (see first news entry)

Thanks to BehindMLM and for the coverage.

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