Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Scam Absurdities: Non-US Scams Posing as American Businesses

It is not uncommon for a scammer to pretend to be what he's not, and the recent make of "The Great Gatsby" is one such tale. In the Scamworld, many such emerging players are from outside the US, and in order to look more legitimate, they will often pretending to be Americans or Europeans, or have fake company executives that have generic American or European names, and/or even hire an American or European "mercenary" COO as a figurehead. They will often appear in the company as themselves, albeit of a lower position than they actually are.

One such player is Tarun Trikha (aka Parun Trika) of TVI Express, arrested in India in April 2013, and have not been heard since. MLM Skeptic was one of the first in the West to identify Tarun Trikha as the *real* head of TVI Express, despite he claiming to be merely a top seller. TVI Express claims to have "admiral", "vice admiral" as top leaders with generic "white guy" names such as "Bill Cooper" or "Eric Taylor". You can find a profile of TVI Express here.

(TVI Express itself spawned many clones, most of which had already been shut down, or are under investigations around the world.)

Yet another huge scam that rocked the world recently was "Profitable Sunrise", a multi-national Ponzi scheme with a lot of promoters in the US (exposed by ChristianMoney). Profitable Sunrise was allegedly owned by "Roman Novak" who is supposedly some sort of financier in Europe who provides "bridge loans" and needs more capital and will pay up to 2.5% DAILY if you give him money. In Mid-2013 30+ jurisdictions, including the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) issued warnings and "cease and desist" orders. SEC traced the money to multiple corporations in Europe, Panama, and Australia and closed them with help of other authorities, but most of the money's gone. It is now suspected that there is no such person as "Roman Novak", despite promoters claimed to have been in contact with "him".   I've even covered that scam here.  Here's a list of all relevant documents and news regarding Profitable Sunrise (provided by Eagle Research).

Both of these companies have executives that were NEVER seen at any event, whether in video or live in person. Many have never even spoken via phone either. It's almost always email.

Thus, if you see an opportunity that has an executive team that you have NEVER seen face to face (or sometimes, never on video, or even heard over the phone) you will have to suspect that perhaps... this executive team does NOT exist.

There had been examples where a lesser form of this had been perpetrated. Once some company put in random portraits as their executive team. Another company was spotted with badly photoshoped (tm) picture that tried to put one of their executives in a suit (he was actually wearing a black-T-shirt).

And don't bother asking your upline. They probably don't know, and even if they know they wouldn't tell you. They'll just ask you to trust them, and they feel hurt by your doubt.

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