Thursday, March 20, 2014

OLD NEWS? TelexFree was also in Trouble in Colombia and Croatia

Search news archives revealed that Colombia had been investigating TelexFree since late February 2014.

In Bucaramanga, researchers have three ongoing processes. One of them is related to the company Telexfree, presented as a system of marketing and advertising for technology.
The Commissioner of Police, General Rodolfo Palomino, said this is the third alert the authorities launched the community not falling into deception.
Also in February, a newspaper in Croatia revealed that TelexFree had been recruiting in Croatia as well, with secret meetings and last-second cancellations.

"Simple earnings at home", "Fast internet earnings" and other enticing ads flooded the small advertising newspapers lately, offering the possibility of great additional income with a few hours of clicking the mouse at home. 
really sounds tempting, and certainly among the most publicized earnings over TelexFree - let's call it so - system, which has launched a company registered in Brazil and, according to the people who promote it, spread it around the world. 

So if you ask where your money is coming from if you are earning in TelexFree... the answer is... everywhere except your country... just as your money went to someone else, probably NOT in your country.

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