Sunday, March 9, 2014

Guest Post: Vemma and Napoleon Hill's "Think and Grow Rich", part 4 of 6

Previously we had SlayerofScams, a fellow scambuster on IGN, posting his essay on how people misconstrue Napoleon Hill's advice to coerce the weak-minded sheeple.  Here is part 4 of 6.


SlayerOfScams, January 8, 2014

Round Four of Napoleon Hill's Smackdown of Vemma/Verve From Beyond the Grave

Hill says that to become successful or rich, one must perform an annual self-analysis/self-inventory. With the New Year just starting, what better time for the Verve reps to do that?

Here are some questions from Hill's self-inventory that are especially pertinent to Vemma reps:

To help you consider the correct answers, ask yourself: are you happy with having lost and continuing to lose $150+ USD per month in order to buy cans of Verve that you do not want and cannot sell, in the false hopes that Vemma will pay you fat commission checks for the rest of your life off of the recruitment and purchases made by your fictitiousnon-existent downline victims - fictitious and non-existent, of course, because real people (other than, perhaps, a few odd exceptions) are not actually stupid enough to sign up for this scam underneath you?

Next, ask yourself if any of the few downline victim suckers who you may have been lucky enough to dupe into the Vemma pyramid scam underneath yourself, and who are (like yourself) inevitably losing money every month to Verve, would be satisfied if they asked themselves the same questions given above.

To help you consider the correct answer, ask yourself: were Kevin Trudeau and Bernie Madoff in the right occupation? They both were in the exact same occupation as you are, Vemma reps: professional scammer. Although, those two are gifted and successful in the art of professional scamming. In contrast, you, average Vemma reps, are not.

But Madoff's and Trudeau's gifts and successes did nothing to keep them out of prison. Yet, they Madoff and Trudeau are among the best of the best possible exemplars of your profession. If you are going to make a permanent lifestyle and occupation out of professional scamming for Vemma, Madoff and Trudeau are your #1 and #2 role models.

After considering those points, then ask yourself: "What is my backup plan for when the Vemma/Verve pyramid scam either collapses on its own or is shutdown by the government?" When that happens, you are going to have to find another scam to which to attach yourself, and start from ground zero all over again.

Coming very soon... part 5 of 6!
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