Monday, January 6, 2014

BREAKING NEWS: How Many Corporate Entities Does Dawn Wright-Olivares Really Have?

According to reports by, Dawn Wright-Olivares's agent / attorney for corporation in Arkansas had been disbarred back in May 2013, and may be responsible for more than one of Dawn Wright-Olivares's corporations.

Dawn Wright-Olivares (just "Dawn" from here on) is owner of "Wandering Phoenix LLC", an entity registered through N. Donald Jenkins Jr. of Arkansas.

Search through Arkansas corporate records shows that Dawn is also owner of "Wandering Rex LLC".

Dawn was COO of "Rex Venture Group", operator of Zeek Rewards, for years before changing to Greg Caldwell 2 months before RVG was closed by SEC (August 17, 2012) as a Ponzi scheme.

N. Donald Jenkins Jr. , the register agent, was apparently disbarred in May 2013, which may have resulted in a disciplinary investigation that started on Aug 17, 2012, same day SEC closed Zeek. While this could be a coincidence, it could also be a coordinated effort between the disciplinary board and SEC as not to tip of the culprits that they are under investigation.

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